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March 3

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Dear Families-Read on for the News

No School - March 8 & 9 - Teacher Workdays

Wednesday, March 10 will be a virtual learning day.

Spring Break - March 15-19

Four Day on Site Protocols Beginning March 11

Please carefully read the information below and contact the office if you have any questions.

Student Pick Up:

In order to follow Covid protocols, beginning March 11, dismissals will be staggered. Families will receive a colored card to be displayed on their rearview mirrors. The color denotes the family's pickup time slot. Please do not get into the pickup line until after your allotted pickup time slot. Each family will receive two cards of the same color. Drivers that arrive early will be required to loop around until their time slot. No early arrivals will be allowed to idle in the pickup zone. Only pre-arranged early pickups will be allowed. Cards will be given to students Wednesday, March 10th at their meet-up.

2:55 Pickup time will receive blue cards

3:00 Pickup time will receive yellow cards

3:05 Pickup time will receive pink cards

We will be piloting this new staggered approach on Thursday and Friday, March 11 and 12. We anticipate that only 12% of our families will be using busing, so we expect a large increase in cars picking up students. It is important that drivers are aware of the protocols and cooperate with school staff. If extended family or friends will be picking your students up, please make them aware of the changes and the importance of being on time and not early.

Student Drop Off:

Beginning March 11, grades kindergarten through 4 will enter the multipurpose room and use hand sanitizer before heading to class. Grades 5 through 8 will enter through the main entrance and use hand sanitizer before heading to class.

Busing and Lunch:

Busing for four day in-person school at PPCS begins on Tuesday, March 23. Spring Break for both PPCS and MSD will be March 15 through 19, and thus no school. Monday, March 22 is a teacher work day for MSD but not for PPCS. PPCS contracts with Moscow School District for busing and lunch, therefore there will be no busing or lunch Monday, March 22, but it will be a school day for PPCS.

If you are planning on having your students ride the bus, please call the Moscow School District Bus Garage to notify them at 208-882-3933. They are in the process of planning bus routes at this time.

Returning to Four Day In-Person School Q & A:

I am on the fence about choosing remote or in-person, can we opt into in-person at any time?

We understand the caution and anxiety in returning to in-person learning. We urge you to make a decision that is best for your family by March 11th. Bringing more students back next week is like the beginning of the school year, full of excitement, nerves, and, most importantly, intentional planning. Teachers will all be practicing routines, building community, and setting and practicing our classroom norms. Students have the opportunity to work as a CREW; they will have the opportunity to be in the space together to learn, have fun, and to navigate the change, and teachers will be supporting that transition. We highly recommend making the decision by March 11th so your child feels a part of a cohesive CREW, learning in-school expectations along with their CREW. This will prevent a disruption in the teaching and learning. However, students do have the option to choose in-person learning later in the year.

We may need to do a hybrid type schedule. Is that a possibility?

Unfortunately, a hybrid schedule is not an option. Families have to make the choice of being fully remote or attend 4 days a week of in-person learning. It would be too challenging for teachers to plan and deliver instruction with several different groups of learners.

What will lunch look like?

Groups of students in grade bands (K-2, 3-5, MS) will be spread out 6 ft apart throughout the lunchroom. Clear plastic dividers will be placed in between students. Both external doors will be open. Once the weather is nicer, students will have the opportunity to eat outside. Student meals ordered at Palouse Prairie M/Tu/Th/F will be free of charge for all students. You can find the lunch menu on our website. Students may also bring their own lunch if preferred.

Will future decisions regarding continued in-person school be solely based on data related to the health and safety of our community rather than popular vote?

Our Board will continue to monitor the transmission of COVID-19 in our community and it can make the decision at any time to return to remote learning if board members feel it is unsafe for students to be in-person. Though surveying our families has been a necessary tool during this pandemic year, research has shown, and it has always been our goal, that providing students the option for in-person school is critical for our students’ success and well-being. It will remain our plan as long as it is deemed safe.

Will Wednesday meetups be continued?

Teachers are planning to provide an opportunity for remote students to socially engage with their peers in an outdoor setting once a week. Teachers will make a decision based on their families’ needs on what day this may occur. This may or may not occur on Wednesdays. Some ideas generated so far include a long recess at a park, outdoor physical education, fieldwork, and short adventures.

What outdoor, in-person social & educational interactions will be provided for those continuing on the remote plan?

Teachers are currently collaborating with their colleagues, and gathering information from families that are choosing the remote option, to determine how to offer opportunities for remote learners to engage in outdoor learning and meet-ups with their peers. Stay tuned.

Will other school activities open as well, such as Climbing Club, etc?

Our team is currently in the process of planning how to safely open up other activities such as climbing club, fieldwork and adventure. A proposal will be brought forward at the next board meeting.

Do families still provide snacks?

Yes, families still provide snacks and a water bottle. Appropriate Covid protocols will be in place during snack times.

Will Before School Care still be available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday?

Yes, early morning care is still offered Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday for the same fee, $50 per month. There is a limit to the number of students that can sign up. It is on a first come, first serve basis. Contact the office 208-882-3684 if you would like to sign up your child for before school care.

I'm curious how remote students will "attend" class. For example, will they see the entire classroom or just the teacher in their camera view?

Please refer to this email of February 12 for specific information about remote and in-person learning. During parallel learning, students will primarily see the classroom teacher instructing the entire class, both remote and in-person. However, at times the remote learning may see their entire CREW.

I'm curious why Wednesdays are not being offered since the need to deep-clean and rearrange classrooms between different student "pods" is no longer necessary?

Wednesdays will be reserved for planning for both in-person and remote learning instruction. Teachers will also be using Wednesdays to provide additional support for online learners. Cleaning is not being eliminated but increased. There will be vacuuming and wiping down of all tables, door handles, faucets and high-touch areas after every day of in-person school. In addition, we contract with the district for busing and lunch. The district will not be having in person school on Wednesdays, so we would be unable to offer busing and lunch those days.

Do the free lunches include snacks? Can we send lunch but not milk some days?

Snacks are not included with the free lunches. Milk is included with the federally funded free lunches; however, we are not provided with extra milk boxes. If you’d like your child to have milk with lunch brought from home, you will need to provide it from home.

Will we still have to fill out the daily email check in?

This will no longer be a requirement to turn the check-in via email to the school. However, families should do the daily check in at home before sending students to school to assure their children do not have any symptoms.

K-2 Please Return Chromebooks 3/8!

Calling all Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade families! If you checked out a Chromebook from the school, please return your Chromebook on Monday, March 8. Chromebook check-in will be at the multipurpose room door from 8-9 a.m. or 12-1 p.m. If you have any questions or need to schedule a different drop-off time, please contact the office.

Important Information for Free and Reduced Lunches

The Idaho State Department of Education (SDE) is working with the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (DHW) on submitting a plan for implementing P-EBT benefits to eligible Idaho students.

If USDA approves the plan, students who been approved as free or reduced eligible during SY20-21 will receive an allocation of $6.82 for each day they did not receive onsite school meals during their school day, regardless of whether or not they received meals through an approved ‘grab and go’ meal service during remote learning days. Students will be eligible to receive $6.82 per day in reimbursement in the following scenarios:

· Student receives remote learning during an instructional day, as defined by the brick-and-mortar school; the student will receive $6.82 for each day they receive remote instruction during the regularly scheduled school week.

· Student attends school under a hybrid schedule (i.e., Cohort 1 receives remote instruction on Mon & Wed while Cohort 2 receives remote instruction on Tues & Thurs, all students learn remotely on Friday), the student will get $6.82 for the days they receive remote instruction during the regularly scheduled school week.

If a student attends classes in person, as they normally would in a regular school year (no remote learning or hybrid class schedule), the student would not be eligible to receive the P-EBT benefit of $6.82 per day.

Now is the time to fill out a free/reduced lunch application if you think your student(s) might qualify for benefits. The 2020-2021 application is on the school website here. You may access the application using your phone or computer. Please call the school office if you need help with this process at 208-882-3684.

Riding the Bus?

If you plan for your student to ride the bus please contact the Bus Barn at 208-882-3933 to sign your student up. They must be registered to ride the bus before their first ride. New bus riders will start riding the bus on March 23.

No Bus Transportation - March 22

Spread the Word

7th & 8th Grade - Middle School Track

Attached is the information for parents to sign up for Track. The season starts March 22 (the Monday after Spring break) and is open only to 7th and 8th graders. If this is the first time registering for Moscow Middle School Sport please make sure you have everything on this checklist submitted to the Moscow Middle School office.

Proof of Address

Birth certificate

School Transcript

Immunization Records

Click Here to find out more information about registration. Please contact the Moscow Middle School if you have any questions.

Phone - 208-882-3577

Here is the link for registration: https://www.registermyathlete.com/login/

Bloom Cafe Healthy at Home​ and ​Feed a Family​ Dinners March Menue 2021

Friday March 12

Pre-order by March 8

Vegatarian sloppy joes on Bloom hamburger buns with local lentils in tomato sauce. Comes with dill pickles and house made potato chips.

Allergens: dairy, gluten, egg

Visit www.bloommoscow.comto pre-order dinners

Silverwood Read2Ride K-6

It's that time of the year where your student can earn a free Silverwood ticket, through Silverwood's Read2Ride program. Your student can read (or be read to) any book, comic book, magazines, newspapers, and online reading, to reach their goal of 10 hours. All students must submit their hours to their teachers by March 29th to receive a free ticket. All tickets will be emailed to the parents after March 31st.

I have linked the Read2Ride guide below for further instructions and fun printouts. If you have any questions please contact the office. Happy Reading!


Tumbling and Trampoline Class

Need to get your teen off the couch?

We have a Beginning/Intermediate Tumbling and Trampoline Class just for tweens and teens.

The class is Monday from 7:45-8:30 pm.

If it's been a while since your child has been at PEG, you are welcome to schedule a free trial class to see if they would like it.

Click here to register.

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Parent Meet Up - Zoom

Are you interested in joining the Peaceful Parenting Group? We will be meeting on the first Thursday of the month from 6:30-7:30 pm. Email catherine.hogue@gmai.com and/or erinemiko@gmail.com to be added to the group and receive meeting/Zoom information.