Be Aware!

Bullying Awareness in Canada

what is bullying?

Bullying is an imbalance in power. The stronger power (or powers) will take advantage of the smaller power, against their will. It is or has the likelihood to be repeated often. Examples include

bullying is worse than you think!

Yes, bullying is a crime! And no matter what anyone says, bullying IS wrong. However, not everyone knows how bad it is, or how to prevent it. But it can have serious consequences. Physical bullying can lead to broken bones, bruises and a hurt pride. Non-physical bullying, like cyberbullying and verbal bullying, can lead to serious psychological damage and possibly even suicide

the three types of bullies:

WHy do people bully?

Bullies might bully for many different reasons. Some of these may include: getting a high reputation, boosting their self-esteem and maybe they don't even see it as a bad thing! Some bullies bully because they are angry, frustrated or are socially struggling. They may also have been targets of bullies in the past.

PSA Bullying Awareness

Report Bullies!

Always report a bully! Reporting a bully will stop the situation from spiralling out of control, before anything serious happens. Keep a sharp eye out; you now know that bullying can take any form at any place at any time. Take a stand!

By: Tristan and Kenji