Sammy Davis, Jr.

how did the singer and dancer come to startem

The start of a pop artist

Sammy was born dec 8th 1925 and started acting at only the age of 3 and after world war two he started career back up Sammy at only 25 went solo. most people said that his music had happiness to and made them have joy.Sammy died may 15 1990 at only the age of 64 because he was a life time smoker


Candy man was Sammy biggest song it was made in 1972. also what kind of fool im. I was his second biggest. Sammy got four awards they were Grammy lifetime achievement award, Kennedy center honors, Grammy hall of fame, and NAACP hall of fame award

Fascinating Facts

nov 1954 Sammy almost died in a car accident the accident shattered his face and Brock his eye. Sammy had a wife that he had one kid with but they adopted 2 more Sammy was in lots of movie that were going to be a white role
Sammy Davis Jr. - The Candy Man (1972)