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The week of 4/20/15

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What is happening at the Heights...

April 20 - 10am PreK from Rankin 1-3 (20 children) Visit to Kindergarten

April 20 - Bookfair Ends

April 20 & 21 - Dr. Goins at PLC @ FHES

April 21 - Principal Meeting

April 22 - Hunter Huss Students Earth Day Project @ FHES

April 22 - 5th Grade to Catawba Science Center

April 22 - Kate's Skate Night

April 23 - Pre K to Schiele Museum

April 23 - Cardinal of the Month

April 23 - Flex Benefits Meeting

April 23 - Staff Meeting

April 24 - Don't forget tor write your Ron Ensley. it's due today.

April 29 - Pre K to First in Flight

May 14 - Family Fun Night

June 8-9 Awards and Graduation

June 12 - Flexible Benefits enrollment closes

Bring back our sunshine!

Teachers this week has sunshine predicted at least one day. Make the most of it and express to our students that rainy days are just one more opportunity to take a trip or adventure through a good book. Reading Recess sounds divine! Think if the miles you can cover through words.

Recess activity has to be monitored closely. We have had our first "Recess Fight" this year. Please no bench warming during your students outside play. Bullies and Battles find their way into your classroom each time we snooze. It is your responsibility to keep each student safe at learning and play.

Thanks for adding the extra supervision to your day.

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AR Coach

Has your grades 2-5 class meet their AR Coach?

Don't let your class get left behind...

One of my two teams had 20 of 25 students meet the goal of two test this week.

  • Encourage student to get their name of the AR Board
  • Remember the test should be 85% or better.
  • The goal is two test per week / per student
  • Let your your class know that every key stroke matters to the overall classroom percentage so read the book more than once prior to testing.
  • Set times within your daily schedule for students to test stress free.

END OF YEAR GIVE-A-WAY is a brand new Samsung of today it's anybody's new device. Keep students in the race for reading and achieving at high levels.

Thanks for your classroom support teachers and thanks for that extra boost of confidence coaches. Coaches: I have purchased some small treats for Friday celebration if you need something this week to keep your teams inspired.

Struggle Means Learning: Difference in Eastern and Western Cultures

In 1979, when Jim Stigler was still a graduate student at the University of Michigan, he went to Japan to research teaching methods and found himself sitting in the back row of a crowded fourth-grade math class.

“The teacher was trying to teach the class how to draw three-dimensional cubes on paper,” Stigler explains, “and one kid was just totally having trouble with it. His cube looked all cockeyed, so the teacher said to him, ‘Why don’t you go put yours on the board?’ So right there I thought, ‘That’s interesting! He took the one who can’t do it and told him to go and put it on the board.’ ”

Stigler knew that in American classrooms, it was usually the best kid in the class who was invited to the board. And so he watched with interest as the Japanese student dutifully came to the board and started drawing, but still couldn’t complete the cube. Every few minutes, the teacher would ask the rest of the class whether the kid had gotten it right, and the class would look up from their work, and shake their heads no. And as the period progressed, Stigler noticed that he — Stigler — was getting more and more anxious.

In Japanese classrooms, teachers consciously design tasks that are slightly beyond the capabilities of the students they teach, so the students can actually experience struggling with something just outside their reach.

“I realized that I was sitting there starting to perspire,” he says, “because I was really empathizing with this kid. I thought, ‘This kid is going to break into tears!’ ”

But the kid didn’t break into tears. Stigler says the child continued to draw his cube with equanimity. “And at the end of the class, he did make his cube look right! And the teacher said to the class, ‘How does that look, class?’ And they all looked up and said, ‘He did it!’ And they broke into applause.”

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Staff of the Month

Please congratulate Pam Greenlee for all of her hard work and excellence toward our school family. Pam goes above the call of duty on each day. She is happy and energetic even on dreary and rainy days. She greets students and parents with a smile.

Pam thank you so much for your patience and kindness toward everyone that you encounter at Forest Heights. We appreciate you.

Enjoy your Texas Roadhouse meal certificate and you appetizer from Zaxby's!

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Information about Ron L. Ensley mini-grants for teachers

Attention, Teachers: Information about the Ron L. Ensley mini-grant program is available now. Click here to print the application. The mini-grants are presented by the Gaston County Education Foundation and fund innovative classroom lessons and projects. The application deadline is Friday, April 24.

What the Best North Carolina Teachers Do

What the Best North Carolina Teachers Do: A Video Series - Want insight into the strategies and techniques that award-winning North Carolina teachers use in their classrooms? The video series, “What the Best North Carolina Teachers Do,” provides you with these insights, straight from the teachers themselves! District, regional and state Teachers of the Year were asked about what makes them successful and their students soar. Among the topics addressed in the series are:

- differentiation;

- classroom organization;

- “hooking” reluctant learners; and

- advice for new teachers and much more!

To find out more about the project and view the interviews, just participate in the mini-module through Home Base or visit the project website at If you are interested in sharing your best practices, please contact Educator Effectiveness Web Manager Andrew Horne at

New Dates for Teaching & Learning Conference 2015

New Dates for Teaching & Learning Conference 2015

The new dates for the annual Gaston County Schools Teaching & Learning Conference are August 11-12 at Gaston College -- make sure to update your calendar! (The original dates were August 5-6.) The Teaching and Learning Conference is an outstanding professional development event for teachers and school employees and helps us to get the new school year off to a great start. Make plans to attend!

Adopt -A- Class / Foster Classes

Our schools Adopt-A-Class has morphed into more of a Foster Care type situation. As you know adoption is by choice and fostering you get what you get when you get it. I have worked to align all support staff and classrooms up with an upper grades class. The purpose of this project is to see these students around campus and encourage successful test taking, boost student confidence and accountability. It is meant for you to be that extra vote of encouragement that you can do this.

I did not want to get students off track from studies, learning and working; so I only planned for the 2 weeks prior to testing. Please do not interrupt our students instructional time to show your support. Make arrangements with your Foster Classroom Leader to find suitable times to drop in if the item can not be left in the teachers box or electronically delivered into the classroom. Recess and Lunch are always winning times.

You are receiving this information early so that if you need to plan, class list and counts there will be time. Have fun and make sure you keep me updated on your plans.

Use this link to see who you are now the proud Foster Parent of...and if you really like them you can keep them. Go right ahead and Adopt-A-Class.

April Birthdays

Savonne Roberts Birthday April 1st

Stephanie Watt's Birthday April 4th

Barbara Putnam's Birthday April 9th

Let me know:

I am sure that you all have very interesting stories to tell about things you are doing. Please email me newsletter worthy information so that we can share with our staff.