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Maire Newsletter December 22nd edition

Dear Maire Families,

As 2021 comes to a close, here at Maire we have a lot to be grateful for. Even though this has been a challenging year, we have been face-to-face for the entire year, and that is what is best for our students. That, in and of itself, is a celebration!

We owe so much of our success to our amazing and hardworking staff. They have worked tirelessly to support not only the academic growth of our students, but also the social and emotional growth. The pandemic has impacted all of us, especially our young learners who missed out on “normal” interactions or social scenarios. Our staff has taken their development in stride, meeting each child at their level and working to push them along. With strong relationships as the foundation, we’ve made tremendous growth this year in all three areas.

Our students are also a huge part of our success. They have “rolled with the punches” adapting to a different learning environment and distancing rules. They have all risen to the occasion to think Win-Win in each situation. They look out for each other. They do their part to keep everyone safe. They work hard for their teachers. They work and learn together daily, helping each other grow. We are so proud of our students here at Maire.

Last, but not least, our families and the community support have been tremendous. Whether it is a resource from PTO or a partnership with parents to plan goals for students, our families have gone above and beyond. The success of our Fun Run not only creates a positive school culture, but it also allows Maire to rise up and shine in new ways. We are truly blessed to have that level of support from our Maire community.

From our entire Maire staff, we hope you have a restful and relaxing holiday break. We look forward to seeing our Maire Bears back on January 3rd, 2022!


Ryan Francis

proud Principal of Maire

PS- That photo is definitely photoshopped by the Maire Office...they love to have their fun =)

Important Maire dates to remember

12/22 Winter Break begins at 3:38

12/23-1/2/2022 Winter Break

1/3/2022 School resumes 9:05 am

1/8 Pfizer Vaccine Clinic

1/11 5th Gr Info Night 6:30-8 pm

1/12 PTO Meeting 7pm (zoom)

1/13 Y5/Kindergarten Info Night 6:30-8 pm (see info below)

1/19 Maire Hosting "Communities United in Diversity" Meeting 6-8 pm

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Office entrance procedures

As a reminder, all parents entering the building must use our secured vestibule. We ask all parents to use the intercom in the vestibule to gain access to our main office. All volunteers will wear a Maire Volunteer Sticker on the most outer layer of their clothes so it is easily visible (it lets our staff easily see you've checked in).

Please don't be offended if we ask who you are and why you are visiting. Safety is our goal.

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Covid vaccination record upload

Parents and guardians can upload their student's COVID vaccine card using the MiStar Parent Portal by following the directions linked here. According to quarantine guidelines from the Wayne County Health Department, any student who is fully vaccinated will not be required to quarantine if they are identified as a close contact to a COVID positive individual. Uploading your student’s vaccine card will help the district quickly identify those students who will not be required to quarantine. Thank you for doing this once the shots are complete!

Yearbook cover contest winners!!

This year, we started a new tradition. We had a yearbook cover contest, where any 4th grader could submit original artwork to be chosen for the front or back cover of our Maire yearbook. We had 20 entries, and through a staff vote to narrow it down to the top 5, and then a schoolwide anonymous vote, we would like to congratulate Charlotte W (1st place winner, front cover) & Joseph S (2nd place, back cover).

We cannot wait to see this artwork on the 2021-2022 Maire yearbook!

It's time to order your Maire yearbook!

Yearbook order info can be found here: Maire yearbook

We are working hard to make the Maire yearbook bigger and better, and this year we will have custom front and back covers, designed by Maire 4th graders!


Our community really rose to the challenge. While we haven't received the official weight of our donation, we got so many donations that we packed all 5 giant Gleaners boxes and then a bunch more! Thanks for helping LIFT our community by donating to this great cause.


We want to take just a few minutes to remind everyone of the parking lot rules and procedures so that we can have a safe and orderly morning. For those that are visual learners, this video highlights almost all of the information below.

1. Right turn ONLY into and out of the parking lot during pick up/drop off. Accidents happen even with the best of intentions. Please do not zoom straight across either. Right turn only.

2. Cross at the crosswalk when picking up or dropping off your children. The crosswalk is located near the office with yellow lines on the ground.

3. Kids exit on the passenger side only and parents never exit the car. Students need to be able to get themselves out completely independently. If this is not possible, we encourage you to park instead of using the lane.

4. No drop offs outside of the green line. Keep moving as far down the green line as you can before stopping.

5. Continue to pull forward as much as possible, even around the curve, so more cars can use the lane. Our students are resilient and will be okay to walk the extra distance.

6. Be kind...everyone has an off day when their kid forgets how to use the seatbelt or drops their lunch or something out of the ordinary. No worries. Thanks for your patience in line when these things happen.

7. We always have late arrivals so we ask that parents not stand out in front of the drop off lane to wave bye to their kids. Many students are still arriving and trying to safely get out of their cars. It will get congested quickly and we want a safe drop off for everyone.

8. Our small lot off the alley is for ASD families and buses only and students/families should not be walking around in that lot. We ask that you use the safe routes walkways and sidewalks close to the building and not walk through the lot as cars and buses back up with limited space and limited sight.

9. Lastly, please do not park in the spaces in the alley marked "private property" as they are not owned by Maire and the landlord of those businesses has and will continue to call the tow company. They get upset at the school and unfortunately that ends up with our office staff having to field those calls.

I know that was a lot of information to process. Many of the errors in our lot are because the parent or person dropping off just didn't know. Please do your best to make sure whoever is taking your child(ren) to school is aware of these rules so things go smoothly and safely each day. Thanks for your partnership.

Parent Volunteers Needed for Auction Classroom Gifts

Dear Maire Parent Community,

Hello and Happy Holidays! As you may have heard, the Maire PTO will be hosting a Derby-themed auction this spring on May 6, 2022 to raise money to construct an outdoor pavilion that can be used as a learning space and gathering spot and for community enrichment. The Maire PTO team that is coordinating the auction will be in touch with you over the next few months as we work to coordinate the event and obtain items for the auction. Kim Conn and Julia Vieweg will be coordinating the classroom gifts for the auction. There are two parts of the auction that will involve the classrooms and will require some help from parents to coordinate. Please see all details here: Maire Auction Info

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