Samurai & Bushido.

By Vanessa Carrillo.

1. Introduction.

Japan, one of the well-known Asian countries, has had a huge impact on Asian Geography. They introduced new security, and well-trained fighters, known as the samurai, who are known as "those who serve". Japan has also lived by a very strict warrior code, known as Bushido, who, like the samurai, are "the way of the warrior".

2. Huge Impact.

Japan made a huge impact, in these times, such as Japanese aristocratic families, almost led to a civil war. A noble, known as Minamoto Yoritomo has defeated rivals, and set his power, to create a more centralized government under a military leader, known as the shogun.

A Samurai's Diary.

Dear diary, I am now a samurai, one of the greatest warriors, known to fight and serve their noble masters. I have always dreamed of becoming a great warrior, ever since I was a young child, and now it was come true. I chose to become a samurai, to achieve great responsibility, and to protect those in need. My duties are quite simple, I must protect my master, and make sure nothing gets past me, to reach my master, I will destroy anything, who gets in my way.