Sea Pollution

We must stop before its to late

What has to be stopped

Ocean pollution has destroyed our oceans. We have done so many horrible things to our oceans harming it that we may not even have in 20-60 years. 85% of the pollution in the ocean is made up of plastic. And plastic never really breaks down, it merely breaks down into smaller pieces leaving it to harm marine animals lives.

Ocean life

Ocean life is directly affected by pollution. And 95% of the ocean hasn't even been seen by human eyes. But if we keep polluting it we won't ever get to see it from what we've been doing to our beloved ocean and marine lives. Also we haven't even seen how many rare and unseen fish are out there. Not even saying most of the oxygen we breathe comes from the ocean.
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Seas of garbage

In the pacific there are islands of garbage made of plastic. In some places the garbage is up to 50-60 feet deep and that is very bad for ocean life, because they see garbage and mistake it for food. They eat it and many die, but some live and suffer because its stuck in them.

Here is a link of pictures on how bad pollution is in the ocean

Why the Oceans matter.

Here is the link to the video on how bad sea pollution really is...

What people can do to stop pollution in the ocean

      • Keep cigarette buds of the streets and beaches
      • Influence change in our community by recycling to help our environment be a better place for people to visit and to live
      • Be smart when it comes to buying necklaces and jewelry
      • Dispose of fish hooks and nets and fishing lines when done with them
      • Choose products that have less plastic wrappers
      • Recycle paper, plastic, and glass.
      • Plant lots of trees near the ocean to stop the pollution
      • If you help clean up the oceans it will be a better place