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About weightlifting

Weightlifting is based on the act of lifting weights, aiming to raise the greatest possible weight. It is a sport in which barbells are lifted competitively or as an exercise. Guys approach lifting weights for many different reasons. Aesthetics inspire some, while others seek to boost sports performance or simply counteract a sedentary lifestyle. Almost always man has had to test his strength and prove that he was stronger than the other, and there are engravings of this by all ancient civilizations.

The act of lifting weights has existed for thousands of years. was practiced in ancient Egypt and ancient Greek as a way to measure ability. Continuing into the 19th century, it became an international sport and was featured in the 1896 Athens Olympic Games. In the 1900s, weightlifting became a popular school sport and teams were created in schools across the globe. Olympic weightlifting includes two different forms of competition at each of the weight categories, the snatch and the clean and jerk. All Olympic weightlifting is conducted using a bar that is loaded with the requisite weight to be attempted in the lift.

In Snatch, the barbell is placed horizontally in front of the lifter’s legs. It is gripped, palms downwards and pulled in a single movement from the platform to the full extent of both arms above the head. The weight, which has been lifted, must be maintained in the final motionless position, arms and legs extended, the feet on the same line, until the Referees give the signal to replace the barbell on the platform. In Clean & Jerk, the barbell must not touch the chest before the final position. It then rests on the clavicles or on the chest above the nipples or on the arms fully bent. The feet return to the same line, legs straight before performing the Jerk which is the athlete bends the legs and extends them as well as the arms to bring the barbell to the full stretch of the arms vertically extended. He or she returns the feet to the same line; arms and legs fully extended, and waits for the Referees’ signal to replace the barbell on the platform.

Weightlifting has the power to build up a body that is weak and undersized, to helping someone lose weight and get in shape, to rehabilitate injured and ill bodies, nothing else we 토토사이트 have seen comes even close. It is a technical, strength/power sport which requires excellent coordination, flexibility, balance, speed and of course strength. It helps athletes develop: strength and explosive power, body control that produces lean functional bodies, increased speed, flexibility, balance, and coordination.

The results of an athlete who trains seriously and regularly can be truly spectacular.

Today, weightlifting is recognized as an ideal way to gain muscle, strength, and improve general health and wellbeing. It is true that weightlifting is an inspiring sport, in fact one of the Korean drama series is about it and also other sports was featured.