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It has come to my attention that some designers are copying the below DESIGNER special flyer, posting it on FB or other avenues and offering this as a CUSTOMER special essentially offering the DESIGNER price to their customers.

I would like to advise you that this does ABSOLUTELY nothing to further your business. Ann Raulston has given us freedom to use this special promotion in any way we see fit to help further our businesses going into the fall selling season. Maybe this is where the confusion comes in. In no way is she saying that offering it as flat out a customer special will further your business in ANY way whatsoever. I am shaking my head in amazement that anyone would offer this as a customer special. Yes, a customer special WITH a minimum purchase, a way to boost your bookings as an additional gift for a hostess if she gets certain number of guests at her party, etc, even an appreciation gift to a frequent buyer or hostess is GREAT. But to flat out offer to any customer to purchase at your cost makes no business sense whatsoever. Doing what you see fit to FURTHER your business means you make a profit, you encourage someone to book a show, you reward a customer with a discounted price for a certain amount purchased, etc.

Those who do this are not only NOT financially wise with their businesses but are also seriously undercutting other designers who are working this business to earn money. This is not only unwise but it is very unethical. Anyone doing this will be subject to disciplinary actions either from me or from the company directly.

PLEASE be wise with your businesses. The other part of this that is wrong on SO many levels is that yes, you may get to Cabo using this kind of business strategy (undercutting other designers to get more volume), you will lose just as much money as it would cost you to purchase your own Cabo trip. DO NOT DO THIS! If I find out about it, you will be hearing from me.

You are free to use this flyer and change the price to the customer price you would like to offer. But in no way will I allow you to sell these at our cost. Again, if I find that you are doing this, I will be asking you to discontinue. I will be asking your leaders to report this to me as well.

Let's make wise business decisions and think about how it effects EVERYONE when you choose to undercut others AND devalue our product. Think about the new designer who is just starting out how wants to start off her business by making some extra profit to reinvest in her business. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!


Paula Weber


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Paula and Hannah Weber

Mother/Daughter Director Team