Third and fourth grade lessons

Have fun

Meet 3rd grade! Your year will be fun no mater what class your in .Also meet 4th grade.You will learn about Kenya.Oh and I am a 4th grader I was a 3rd grader when I wrote this.


Oh and in science we learned about space, life cycle, simple machines and friction in 3rd grade. In 4th grade we did mystery matter, owl pellets and erosion.


We do multiplication and division in math and the algorithm
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filed trips

We go to the light house in 3rd grade .In 4th grade we went to the Erie canal. It was fun.

DIFFERENCES about 3rd and 4th grade

In forth grade we have a lot more homework than 3rd grade. And we have less time for recess.In 3rd grade you get less work, and play a lot more.And in each grade you go on different filed trips.

Advice about 3rd and 4th grade

1. be ready for NY (New York) state test in 3rd and 4th grade. 2. Harder work

Mrs. weiner

1. you go outside for 15 min after lunch.

2. you can sharpen colored pencils

3. her desk is always messy


1. she has a bingo board

2. we have strings

3. we have jobs