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In Honor of Mrs. Shannon Thompson

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West Newton Family,

I wanted to inform all of you that this past Sunday, our beloved Mrs. Shannon Thompson passed away. Mrs. Thompson had been extremely ill for several months and had not been able to be at school. Mrs. Thompson had been an Instructional Assistant in grades 1-6 for several years at West Newton and previously at the Gold Academy. She also substituted frequently at Liberty Early Elementary. Mrs. Thompson touched the lives of so many children and she wanted each and every one of them to be a good person as well as a good student. Her greatest joy at school was to read with students and to see their love of learning! I know that many parents may want to tell their own children this sad news tonight so that is why I am sending this out. On Wednesday, Jan. 17 I will gently tell our West Newton students that Mrs. Thompson has died because so many of them have been asking when she will return to school. All West Newton staff members will be on hand to support our students – we will have circle time, create drawings, or write letters so students have time to understand and grieve. The West Newton staff members know that children will process these emotions in different ways and we will be supportive of our students. Should your family want to attend Mrs. Thompson’s viewing it will be held at Flanner & Buchanan on Thursday from 4-8pm.


Mrs. Susan Strube