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Part of "The Leader In Me" process is encouraging students to recognize their gifts and talents and empowering them to use those gifts and talents. Last Thursday, four of our students stepped forward and facilitated our Spring Pep Rally and totally blew the roof off of the Cougarena with the student cheering they encouraged! Keeping with the theme of St. Patrick's Day, our SPRING SPIRIT LEADERS (Pictured left to right) Sophie Perkins, Cameron Domingue, Mr. Hebert- "Spirit Team Trainer and Sound Man", Meagan Lueck and Becca Simar led cheers, chants, "the Cougar Wave," student games and they even got the parents of our spring athletes to participate in the cheer competition!

This semester, students had the opportunity to apply for several school-wide jobs ... not just spirit leaders. Each morning, if you pass by school at 6:55 a.m., you will see different groups of students from various grade levels raising the flag. At 7:25 a.m. we begin the day with prayer, announcement of birthdays and the Pledge of Allegiance - all of which are student led!

When you visit school between now and the end of May to attend prayer services, award ceremonies and other activities don't be surprised when you are welcomed by our Student Ambassadors who will be greeting you!

Watch for more of our students to step into leadership positions as time goes on and our students feel empowered to share their talents and gifts!
We say it all the time ... OUR SPES STUDENTS ROCK ... and we cannot wait to see more of our students stepping up into both school-wide and classroom leadership positions as they grasp "The Leader In Me" process and incorporate it into every fiber of their being! Watch out world .... we're producing leaders at St. Pius!