DMS Bands Weekly News

September 23, 2019


Schedule: Week 4 - D E C A B


Monday: Be the Best-Outshine the Rest! Wear neon or sparkles.

Tuesday: Twin Day; March On Madison (Guard performance) -- PERCUSSION TILL 4:30

Wednesday: Decade Day! (6th, 60s; 7th, 70s; 8th, 80s)

Thursday: Blackout! Con/Sym wear polos! Last home game (Con/Sym) -- Guard performance

+ Spirit Walk at DMS during the day!

Friday: Fan Day (Celebrate your favorite school/team!)

Announcements for All


We want ALL band students to come watch!

Tickets are $5 and information is below!

We need bottled water donations for us to use at our band events - mostly our football games. We have about 150 students, so we need tons of water. If you are able to donate, we sure would appreciate it!

Bed Sheet Sale fundraiser ends this Wednesday (9/25)!

Please compile your forms and payments and turn them into the Band Room by Wednesday. Please be sure all of your order forms have the color and sheet size choices clearly marked. Thank you for your support with this fundraiser!

Online sales can be found here:

Reminder: If you have arranged a payment plan for band class fees/instrument rental/etc., please be sure to make your assigned payments on time based on your plan specifications. If you have any questions regarding finances for band, contact us at Thank you for your assistance with this important matter!

Spring Trip information coming soon!

Concert and Symphonic Band students are the only ones eligible for this trip. Sorry, Cadets!

DIGITAL SALE NEWSLETTER - Uniforms, Instruments, Etc

Used Uniform pieces, Instruments for sale, etc. If you have anything to add, please email us at with pictures and descriptions!

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Please fill out the google form below if you are interested in volunteering this year.

Thank you to those who are considering volunteering to help our band program!! We depend on our amazing parent volunteers - and we have fun, too!

Cadet/Beginner Band

Have your students perform for you! Most classes have learned something they can play for you and having them perform for family is GREAT practice!

Progress reports will be going on home this week. We still have some students who have not completed their Google Classroom assignment (Mini-Scale). If your grade is lower than expected, it's most likely due to a missing Google Classroom assignment. Please help us ensure that all students turn in their video of the Mini-Scale as soon as possible so we can give them credit.

Please make sure you are setting up a practice routine - the kids should be bringing home instruments and practicing at least 3 times a week! We will begin to move a lot faster in class. Thanks for all your support!!

All students should have an instrument, a book and a binder by now.

Concert/Symphonic Bands

All students in Concert and Symphonic Band had GOOGLE CLASSROOM playing assignments due this weekend. Please double check that your student has completed this assignment. We have gone over how to turn these in extensively, but if there are still questions please email

Progress reports are going home this week. If your student's grade is lower than expected, it is most likely due to missing Google Classroom assignments. Please help us ensure these videos get turned into Google Classroom ASAP so we can give your student credit for that assignment.

-See the next section for GAME SCHEDULE for next week on Thursday (9/26).

Please pay for your polo and/or class book if you haven't!

Polos are $22 (need order form, too) and books are $12.

BED SHEET FUNDRAISER concludes this week. This is a GREAT way for a student to build up money in his/her Charms account to use toward the spring band trip!

Sheets orders (and money collected) is due September 25th. (Please be sure the color and sheet sizes are clearly marked on your order form!)

Details for the spring band trip will be out soon!

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We are excited about our Fall Guard joining us for a halftime performance at the Sparkman game!

Thursday 9/26 -Sparkman Game (CON/SYM)

Arrival time for GUARD and BAND: 5:15pm

Students are required to wear polos and jeans with tennis shoes.

Guard: Please read guard newsletter for info. Guard should be in uniform ready for a short run through at 5:15.

Guard (not band) can be checked out anytime after the performance - Please sign out with a parent volunteer (they will have clipboards). Otherwise, students can be picked up in the band room after the game.

We are not going to be able to house students in the band room after school.

We play at the 8th grade game ONLY. Parents DO need to purchase tickets into the game. Let's support our Panther Football family!

Game start time: Around 6:30pm. 8th grade game begins about 10 minutes after the 7th grade game ends. Unfortunately, we can’t give an exact start time for the 8th grade game. Parents and family will need to purchase tickets as per usual at the gate.

Estimated Game End: between 8:30 and 9:30pm (sorry, times are the best we can estimate!) Students can call parents from the band room phone, or from their own phones after the game. Phones aren't allowed in the stands, but are encouraged for parent communication afterward.

See the full football schedule (other games) below. Our band will perform at DMS Home games and at the Liberty game on 10/1.

If you are a parent who can volunteer to help us crowd control at the game (and fill coolers before the game) - please email


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March On Madison

In previous years, the DMS Pep Band has performed our halftime song at the Bob Jones fundraiser event called "March On Madison" because this event was structured as a feature for Madison City band programs. Now, the event has blossomed and grown into a massive local marching band showcase where bands from all over North Alabama come and get to run through their halftime and competition shows. The bands get judges tapes for assessment feedback and its a fun evening for everyone. Its basically halftime of a football game, but all evening long!

Our DMS Guard will be performing 2nd in the lineup, so please go and support our amazing color guard girls!!

We HIGHLY encourage every single DMS Band member (espeically DMS Pep Band) to attend this event. We would love it if ALL Cadet, Concert and Symphonic students were able to attend. Families are welcome and encouraged.

Aside from our phenomenal DMS guard, you all have GOT to go and watch the BJHS competition show - it is phenomenal and this is one of the only times DMS band students will get to see it (unless they drive to attend a band competition). PLEASE DON'T MISS IT!!

See event below for more info.

Ticket price is $5.

Please try to make it! We will see you all there!!

March On Madison

Tuesday, Sep. 24th, 6pm

Madison City Stadium, 211 Celtic Drive, Madison, AL 35758

Showcase of North Alabama marching bands held at the Madison City Stadium and hosted by Bob Jones Band. This event is a fundraiser for the BJHS band program.


Concessions will be available.

Groups Performing:

BJHS Football Band

DMS Guard

John Paul II

Madison Academy

Madison County


Huntsville High

James Clemens

Bob Jones Competition


Bed Sheet Fundraiser has started!

Orders and payments are due 9/25. Please combine all forms and payments and return them to the band room. (Be sure that all orders include the color and sheet size choices!)

Halloween Dance hosted by DMS Bands and DMS PTA is coming up soon!

This is a big undertaking and we could use LOTS of parent volunteers, but it is so much fun! We raise money for the band and PTA programs at Discovery and make a really fun evening possible for our kids. Please help us out!

Date: 10/24


Needs: Concessions workers, setup/decoration crew, haunted hallway volunteers, ticket sellers during DMS lunch

If anyone would like to head up and organize our SILENT AUCTION (held in lobby during holiday concert) please contact us at or fill out the google form for parent volunteers above.

Band Room Supply Wish List

-Bottled Water donations!!


We like bribing your children (in the best way).

-regular computer paper!

-colored computer paper!

-film for Instax instant polaroid camera

-Paper Towels

-Command Hooks


-All chaperones must pass the Secure Volunteer background screen and have a Secure Volunteer ID card.

Please email your receipt for our records! We need to send your name for approval as soon as you apply.

Thank you for your time and dedication!!

Be sure to tune in to our Facebook Group "DMS Bands" for a weekly Spotlight on one of our amazing band classes! We know you will be just as impressed with these awesome students as we are!


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Thank you to our amazing DMS band parents!