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Back To School - Aug. 12, 2021

First Night Stott!

Friday, August 13, 2021 from 4-6 pm is our annual First Night Stott event. Please come and join us at the front of the school for a hamburger/hot dog. Students can reunite with friends and meet their teacher for the upcoming year. Thank you to all of the families who rallied together to help make this event happen!

We are unfortunately not able to provide tours of the building at this time, with the exception of the kindergarten classrooms through the kindergarten exterior doors. The construction is still in progress and we do not have a final Certificate of Occupancy. There are still many tools and unfinished portions of the building that would be unsafe to allow visitors through.

Teachers will be outside to greet families and students. Teacher names will be posted on windows so that you can see which classroom your child will be in for the year. We will also post grade levels on exterior doors so that you will know where to line up in the mornings.

As soon as the building is ready for visitors, we will invite families inside to see the remodel!


Kindergarten Orientation

During First Night Stott, from 4-4:45 pm, kindergarten teachers will be in their classrooms to allow families and students a quick view of the classroom. You will be able to enter these classrooms from the exterior doors closest to the playground on the east side of the building.

We know that for many of our young students, this is their first time in a formal school environment. It's important to be able to see the space in order to help with some of those "first-day jitters". Please know that the classrooms are still not completely set up as teachers will be working frantically over the weekend and on Monday to make certain that it is perfect for Tuesday morning!


First Day of School

The first day at Stott is kind of a big deal at Stott! W like to welcome our students back with some fanfare. If you are new to Stott, we won't spoil the surprise. With that being said, all students should plan to enter the school from the front of the building. Kindergarten students will continue around to their classroom doors to enter the building. Everyone else will go through the main front doors. We encourage students to walk to class on their own, however, if you would like to walk your student to class on the first day, you may. Please do say goodbye in the hallway and circle right back to the front of the building. As difficult as it can sometimes be, a quick and brief goodbye is best for all.

Please try not to arrive at school before 8:00 on the first day. We are busy setting up for our big welcome back event and would like everyone to have a great experience.


Where Does My Student Line Up in the Morning?

After the first day of school:

Students in Grades 1, 2, and 3 should line up and enter through the front doors of the building

Students in Grades 4 and 5, should line up at the door closest to the cafeteria and music room.

Students arriving early for breakfast (regardless of grade) should enter through the door closest to the music room and cafeteria

Kindergarten students will always enter and exit through the kindergarten door.


Where Will My Student Exit at the End of the Day?

All students will exit the building through their exterior classroom doors. The only exception is Ms. Davis's class, as they do not have an exterior door. Mr. Davis's class will exit through the doors on the southwest corner of the building.

Students in grades K and 1 will not be dismissed until the classroom teacher sees a recognized adult or older sibling.

If you have multiple students attending Stott we highly suggest that they find a common meeting space after school. Too often, students end up walking in circles around the building looking for one another. The flag pole or the bike rack are two central meeting spaces that usually work well.


What Are the COVID Protocols?

Superintendent Dorland and the Jeffco School Board have worked very hard to create a set of policies that will allow us to get back to the business of school, with as much "normalcy" as possible this year.

We will be making sure to keep up with disinfecting in the building and frequent hand-washing. Students will be required to wear masks at school unless they have a mask exemption submitted and approved. Please make sure to reach out to Stott before school starts if you believe that your child should have a mask exemption.

Please know that the purpose of masks for students is to minimize time out of school. If students are masked, they will not be required to quarantine per health department regulations. That means that we can go back to shared workspaces, we do not have to cohort or social distance. Students can work in groups and share materials. All of these are positives that help school to feel more like school.

Masks are required indoors for all unvaccinated staff and are strongly recommended for staff that are vaccinated. Any volunteers or visitors to Stott will be required to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status.

There will not be temperature screening upon entry at this point. However, we do ask that you refer to this self-screening checklist and do not send your student to school with any symptoms.


Upcoming Important Dates

August 17 - FIRST Day OF SCHOOL

August 27 - Assessment Day K-5; Students come by appointment only

August 30 - Assessment Day K-5; Students come by appointment only

August 31 - PK-1st Grade School Pictures


Updated School Calendar

Please bookmark the calendar below. It will be updated throughout the year.