Sherwood Park Newsletter


Weekly Update

Dear Parents and carers,

I hope you have had a lovely week it has been very busy across both campuses!

Thank you to everyone that attended the sports day. It was great to see so many of you cheering on the pupils!

A massive thanks to Ganymeade for organising the event so well – a number of you commented on how well organised it was and I agree!

Thanks too, to the Carshalton Boy’s pupils who supported the event – they were a real credit to their school.

Last Friday/Saturday our Duke of Edinburgh bronze award students headed to High Ashurst in Dorking to complete their 2 day non residential trip. I was there on the Friday and it was such a pleasure to see our students so engaged by all of the activities. We are really proud of you all, well done!

This week, Luka was successful in becoming substantive Assistant Headteacher for the Park campus. Luka has been with us for a while, previously at the Hill and then on a temporary basis at the park – we are delighted to welcome her back onto our team permanently!

Farewell for a bit…

Jess Baldwin, our Deputy Head on the park campus left to go on maternity leave at the end of last week!

Jess will be missed greatly whilst she is away, but will be covered by Steve Snook as Acting Deputy Head for the Park campus. Very best wishes from the whole school community and keep in touch!

Have a lovely weekend


After passing the assessment for Pet therapy this week, she joined a few classes to introduce herself to some of the pupils and was a big hit (with staff too!). Well done Jo!
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Class Celebrations

Hill Campus

Lilac class star's of the week are Frankie and Harrison for their efforts at the sports day. Frankie helped keep everyone in check and support teachers with their students and also came first in one of the races. Harrison made a great effort to make new friends with students from the Park and they commented on how much they loved him and would like to see him again. Well done boys!

​Teal class had a fantastic time during sports day! Our favourite competition was throwing water balloons into targets. We all got very wet :)

Our star of the week is Zac for using his coreboard to communicate when he needs help to support his regulation. Well done Zac!

Olive Class have had another busy week and enjoyed many different activities. We had a lovely sports morning on Thursday where we enjoyed activities in different areas of the school. We all transitioned well and many of us joined in the activities on offer with the other classes in our corridor. We had great fun throwing water balloons at targets, playing basketball, badminton, curling and table tennis. Our theme for the last three weeks of term is deserts where we will be looking at the different animals and plants that live in the desert. Our star of the week is Samantha for her great transitions and for working with different members of staff, well done Samantha. Have a lovely weekend.

Lavender class is very proud of our star student this week who managed to remain regulated and consistently followed instructions to deliver our register to the office on a daily basis. Harvey, you have come so far and has made tremendous progress this year. Keep up the good work!

This week in Lime class our highlight was our sports day! The pupils really enjoyed accessing a range of different activities especially target throwing with the water balloons - it was lots of fun. This week in our early numeracy, all pupils engaged really well with our shape sessions and exploring lots of different shapes and patterns. In early literacy we have been working hard on our early mark making skills and using different tools to make marks. Our celebration star this week goes to Ethan for independently accessing a wider range of activities on offer in the classroom. Well done everyone and have a lovely weekend!

This week in Mint class children enjoyed sports day activities. We had fun kicking and rolling basketball and footballs, participating in the races and jumping on the trampolines while throwing water balloons at targets.

We have nominated Yusuf as our star of the week for engaging in class based activities and communicating his choices using his fringe vocabulary. Well done Yusuf!!

Violet class this week have had a fantastic week, all students enjoyed making their own rainforest during art, exploring colours of the rainforest. We also enjoyed taking part in 'sports day' activities at our campus, students each took turns and completed an activity each, well done violet class.

Learner of the week goes to Devante, Devante has shared his toys to hid peers this week as well as comforted peers when they have not felt okay, showing that he is a great friend. Well done Devante.

Indigo class have had a good week and enjoyed making pancakes on Tuesday. The class are becoming much more independent and safe in the kitchen, knowing when to put on their oven gloves if holding the pan or trying to flip their pancake! Well done boys.

Sapphire class had a fantastic time at sports day and swimming this week. Everybody also enjoyed making cakes.

Park Campus

Well done to all of Lily Class for their fantastic involvement in Sport's Day. All of the children were so enthusiastic and participated in their different events. They also walked to and from the cricket ground really nicely. Well done Lily Class!

This week Hebe class went shopping at the local supermarket, our very first trip using public transport. It was such a lovely experience for the children! Our star of the week is Benjamin for doing amazing listening and engaging beautifully during the trip. We’ll done Ben!

Bamboo - Our star of the week goes to Hannah for initiating her involvement in the sequence of making drinks and snacks.

Sunflower class member Lara won all sorts of medals on Sports Day this week. Firstly, she transitioned to the sports ground happily and without fuss, then she joined in with all the activities (all of which were new to her) AND enjoyed them, then she took her medication (a first at school) and then she took part in most of the races! When we got back to school she ate such a big lunch, including 4 yoghurts!

Orchid class star of the week is Sebastian for imitating several words/sounds this week.

The star of the week this week in Bluebell is: EVERYONE. The children were amazing yesterday during Sports Day. They had a great day, they walked very nicely and they helped each other. We would also like to include parents as without their help the day it would have very hard. And special thank you to G and Kerine for organising the day, it was just perfect.

The Star of the Week in Poppy Class is Aleksander for amazing participation and communication during the sensory story this week.

Tulip class have had an enjoyable week. We made some tropical cookies on Monday and went on an adventure in the rainforest during our sensory journey. Our star of the week is Jayden who has shown some wonderful initiations of social interactions particularly with peers and unfamiliar adults to him out in the playground and during other activities. Well done Jayden!

Therapy Stars

Therapy star of the week:

Well done to all the learners attending DoE at High Ashurst for participating in all the activities with appropriate energy levels and having fun together.

A special congratulation to Charlie for successfully transitioning across the day.

We would like to nominate Magda for two great reasons this week. Firstly, Magda helped to transition a student when they needed help with regulation and secondly, Magda climbed out of her comfort zone on the climbing wall/swing at D of E. Well done Magda!!