Good News Tickets

Recognition of Internationally-Minded Earle Brown Students

Witness some good news? Issue a ticket!

Earle Brown brings back a former best practice of recognizing wonderful internationally-minded attributes of our students with Good News Tickets (previously known as Good Slips). As we continue our collective work in developing our Positive Behavior Framework as a learning community, we will use our supply of both the inventory of 'BARK' slips and 'Community Profile Award'. Both of these Good News Tickets reflect on IB attributes in a way to honor our students who shine.

Where do I get Earle Brown Good News Tickets?

A pack of Earle Brown Good News Tickets have been placed in your mailbox in the office for you to use. There will also be Good News Ticket stations located throughout the building in the event any Earle Brown staff encounters a student who is demonstrating IB attributes. The idea is to recognize students in the moment by issuing a Good News Ticket. If you need more, please notify the office.

Examples of ways Good News Tickets can be used:

What happens when a Good News Ticket has been issued?

  1. Staff fills out Good News Ticket and recognizes Earle Brown student who has demonstrated internationally-minded attributes.
  2. Staff hands both copies of Good News Ticket to student, instructing student to take home original and bring 2nd copy to the office.
  3. Student brings Good News Ticket to the office (proudly showing Good News Ticket to any staff in the hallway on the way to the office who can acknowledge the student) to receive recognition from office staff.
  4. Office staff will help student deposit Good News Ticket in the box of Good News.
  5. Student returns to class with original Good News Ticket to bring home and share with family.
  6. At the end of the week, drawing will be held from the box of Good News. One student from each class will be recognized and awarded a Good News gift (i.e. pencil, etc.). This will occur over the intercom at 2:35 PM on Fridays.
  7. At the end of each month, drawing will be held from that month's collection of Good News Tickets for a special Pizza with the Principals lunch.

Questions? Please send them to #spreadthegoodnews