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January 2023

Welcome to Second Semester of 2022-23 in IB!

We hope you enjoyed a wonderful Winter Break with family and friends. Maybe it gave you a chance to get caught up on things that needed done or just to do the things you don't often slow down to enjoy. Maybe it meant you battled crazy roads and airports or you spent time staying cozy in your home. Whatever it was, we hope you soaked up the season!

The beauty of the school calendar is a chance at two "New Years" ... one in August and a second in January. Right now, all of our students have the opportunity to begin again. Whether that means they continue to develop strong habits they practiced in first semester or work to eliminate some that weren't so effective, we hope the fresh start is good for all!

Language Development - IBCP

In previous newsletters, we've looked at each of the IB core components:

  • Diploma Program: TOK (Theory of Knowledge), CAS (Creativity, Activity, and Service) and the EE (Extended Essay)
  • Career-related Program: PPS (Personal and Professional Skills). SL (Service Learning) and the RP (Reflective Project)

The Career-related Program has an additional core area that we will dive further into this month ... Language Development (LD). Language development allows students to expand their awareness of cultural diversity through another language. This component encourages the importance of developing knowledge and skills in a foreign language relevant to their background, context, and career-related study. With the help of their language development mentor, students will create an original language development portfolio, which includes the student’s personal profile and their language experiences and evidence. CP students must complete 50 hours of language development over their junior and senior years.

Further information about the objectives of language development is in the flyer linked below.

Meet the Language Development Coordinator

Ms. Jessica Day

Ms. Day has served as the Language Development Coordinator for IBCP students for the past 8 years. She is in her twenty-third year of teaching Spanish and has served NKCHS students since 2007. Her leadership goes beyond the classroom, as she is also a member of Northtown's Building Leadership Team and the Global Language Department Chair.

IB Parent/Guardian Virtual Chat - Meeting Recording

Thank you to those who were able to join us on December 15 for the IB Parent/Guardian Virtual Chat. Our agenda focused on topics generated by parents and included the following:

  • Second semester of senior year and beyond
  • Important dates
  • College credit for IB
  • College scholarships
  • Stress management

If you were unable to make it, please use this link to access the meeting recording. IB Parent_Guardian Chat-20221215_120026-Meeting Recording.mp4

The presentation is also linked below.

Annual IB Reunion

Since the mid-2000s, the IB Program has hosted an Alumni Reunion each January. It provides us an opportunity to welcome former IB students and staff back to Northtown and catch up on all of the amazing things they're doing. It's also a time for our current students to learn more about the benefits of an IB education that endure well beyond the years of high school and college.

We were thrilled to see over 40 former IB Hornets back on January 6. Alumni from as far back as the class of 2006 joined in the fun!

Group 1 Courses - Studies in Language and Literature

Throughout first semester, we explored Group 4 (Sciences), Group 5 (Mathematics), and Group 6 (Electives). This semester, Groups 1-3 will receive the newsletter's attention. Because all seniors in Group 1 courses will experience their Group 1 (Studies in Language and Literature) individual oral exams this month, we've chosen to start with them. All IB Diploma and Career-related Program students are required to enroll in either IB Literature HL or IB Language and Literature HL, meaning these courses have higher enrollment than any of the other IB courses.

Language and Literature - The IB Language and Literature course introduces students to the the critical study and interpretation of written and spoken texts from a wide range of literary forms and non literary text-types. Students study the English language through its cultural development and use, its media forms and functions, and its literature. Language and Literature helps students develop the techniques needed for the critical analysis of communication, becoming alert to interactions between text, audience and purpose. Students are assessed through formal examinations in May of their senior year, as well as written and oral coursework.

Students in HL 2 Language and Literature are kicking off the semester by practicing for their oral exam, which will take place on January 10 or 11. The score on this exam comprises 20% of their overall IB mark in this course. The other 80% comes from their May exams and the HL Essay written during junior year and submitted during senior year. Mrs. Loveall's HL 1 students are starting Chimamanda Adichie’s short story collection, The Thing Around Your Neck. They will be using the short texts to continue practicing written analysis and conduct a practice oral commentary on a selected passage of their choice. Students in Mr. Lerner's HL 1 course are preparing to read their second literary text of the year, Fences, and will be reading, dissecting, and discussing this play for the next few weeks. This is leading up to the upcoming composition of their second HL Essay.

Literature - In contrast to Language and Literature, the IB Literature HL course introduces students to the analysis of solely literary texts. During their two years of study, students explore 13 literary works from a variety of cultures, literary forms, and periods. Through this exploration, students develop the ability to engage in close, detailed analysis of literary works, building understanding of the techniques involved in literary criticism. Just as in Language and Literature HL, students are assessed through formal examinations in May of their senior year, as well as written and oral coursework.

In IB Literature HL 2, seniors will complete their Individual Oral (an official IB assessment that accounts for 20% of their overall IB Literature score) on January 17th or 18th. Additionally, they are finishing their study of Purple Hibiscus, a Nigerian novel. Soon they’ll begin studying the non-fiction memoir Men We Reaped, by Jesmyn Ward. Juniors in HL 1 Literature are currently working on their HL essay practice with the novel, The House of the Spirits.

Meet the Group 1 Teachers!

IB Career-related Study - Journalism

The IB Newsletter has highlighted PLTW Engineering, PLTW Biomedical Sciences, and the Culinary Arts ProStart program. It's now time to learn a bit more about our Journalism programs.

All students start off in Journalism 1, but their path from there varies based upon their interests and/or career aspirations.

Journalism 1 - This is an introductory course for work in news, editorial, and feature writing, grammar, editing, design, multi-media production, as well as media law and ethics. This is a preparatory course especially for Journalism 2 Yearbook and Journalism 2 Multimedia.

Journalism 1 Photography - This introductory course provides instruction in all aspects of photography in the multimedia journalism career field. Students learn theories and procedures for shooting, publishing, composition, documentary photography, caption writing, layout, graphics and some story writing, as well as media law and ethics in the field of journalism. This course prepares students for Journalism 2 Yearbook and Journalism 2 Multimedia.

Journalism 1 Broadcast - This class is the introduction course to Journalism 2 Broadcast and is for students interested in learning how to produce a television broadcast. Students learn hands‐on techniques by being behind and in front of the camera, as well as editing techniques using professional grade software. It also covers media law and ethics as it applies to broadcasting. This is a preparatory course for Journalism 2 Broadcast and Journalism 2 Sports Broadcasting.

The intro-level journalism classes will begin second semester with two short units on Law & Ethics and the First Amendment, learning about the five freedoms and how they relate to student press.

Journalism 2 Broadcast - J2 Broadcast students are those behind and in front of the NTV camera. They work to produce live and/or recorded weekly newscasts, which involves writing and editing news and editorial copy, scheduling interviews, reporting, anchoring and editing, and finding answers to the practical, legal, and ethical questions of producing student publications. Students learn single-camera video recording, video concepts and terms, audio, lighting, graphics, and set design. They also produce social media content for @NorthtownNews.

Broadcast 2 students will start the semester continuing to make video packages and record weekly NTV broadcasts, as well as producing social media content.

Journalism 2 Yearbook - This class produces the Purgold school yearbook. Students apply principles of journalistic writing, ad design, layout, graphic arts, photography, staff management, publishing, and finding answers to the practical, legal, and ethical questions of producing student publications.

In January, J2 Yearbook students will be designing, photographing, interviewing, and writing the next section of the yearbook with the goal of meeting their second printing plant deadline. You can follow their work behind the scenes on Instagram @nkcpurgold.

Journalism 2 Sports Broadcasting - This practical and interactive course covers all aspects of 21st-century sports and event broadcasting while serving NKCHS, NKC Schools, and its patrons by promoting Northtown sports. Students will learn how to create live broadcasts, write cohesively and concisely, how to conduct and edit interviews, how to deal with athletes and sports executives at all levels, and how to use technology to enhance production value.

Sports Broadcasting students will spend January in the Fieldhouse, as they continue to broadcast girls' and boys' basketball games.

Journalism 2 Magazine Across Platforms - This class publishes the school magazine, The Buzz. Students apply principles of journalism when writing news stories, features and editorials, selling ads, gathering news, conducting interviews, designing layouts, taking photos, and finding answers to the practical, legal, and ethical questions of producing student publications.

J2 Magazine students are kicking off the year working on Issue 3 of The Buzz and submitting contest material for State competition.

Meet the Journalism Teachers!

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