Letters of a Slave Boy

Mary E. Lyons


Joseph Jacobs was born into slavery. Joseph lives with his grandmother and sister in North Carolina, but he has not seen his mother for more than seven years. Unbeknownst to Joseph, his mother, Harriet, has been hiding from her owner in the attic of the house that Joseph lives in. But when Harriet's hiding place is in danger of being revealed, she is forced to flee north to safety only moments after being reunited with her family.

List of Characters

Joseph: he is the main character in this book but he was also born into slavery
Harriet ( Joseph's mother )
great grandmother
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Alanis Mease

I recommend this book to somebody that is really interested in history. And a person who wanted to know more about slavery. Also it would be a good book for a person that can connect to something in the book . I like this book because I like history , and knowing things that happened in the past. Its also very interesting .