Stop The Animal Abuse

By Leah Davis

Is Animal Abuse Causing Abused Animals to be Afraid of People?

Yes, animal abuse is causing abused animals to be afraid to their new owners. It is the saddest thing that I have ever seen. These animals are afraid of being hurt again. They do not want to be hurt like they were. My sources, and

Do Animals get over Abuse?

Yes and no. For yes, these animals get over the small amount of abuse that they went through. For no, these animals went through so much abuse that they are traumatized. The animals that get over the abuse that they went through are in a loving, caring, and kind home. My source
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is it legal to test on animals in labs?

Yes, it is very much legal to test on animals. I do not believe that this is right, it is animal cruelty. We should not be testing on these harmless, adorable, helpless animals they didn't do anything to us. They have no right to be tested on. My source

Are the new owners affected by the animal abuse?

No, the owners are not affected. They are just trying to make these animals feel at home in the new owners home. My source

What levels of animal abuse are there?

Animal abusers have three levels/types of abuse. The first type of abuse is that they don’t notice that they are abusing the animals. The second abuse type is that they are abusing an purpose but then stop after a little while. The third and last of the abuse types is the worst. These people just flat out enjoy hurting things. My source


In the end we should stop the animal abuse. It is cruel to animals around the world. It needs to stop no one should be abusing animals. If this is happening it is horrible. No animal should be hurt like this. No animal should be hurt at all it is not fair to the animals.

negative action plan

Go around to houses and make sure that the animals are not being hurt and if they are create a law to make sure these people go to jail and be punished for what they are doing. These animals do not deserve this.

Positive action plan

Go around and make sure these animals are being treated fairly. And not being abused.