Business Ethic Violations

Child Labour and Environment Pollution

International business effect the world in positive and negative ways. Some of negative ways it affects us are the unethical ways that some companies chose to use in their businesses. The most important issues facing the business world are child labour and environment pollution

What is Child Labour ?

Child labour is when an underage child is forced to work long hours with little under inhumane conditions. Child labourers are often beaten, given no breaks and no food. It’s estimated that there are 250 million child labourers between the ages of five and fourteen in developing countries. Many of them are forced to work by their parents to pay off debts they owe. Many jobs the children are made to do are physically and emotionally damaging to them. Most the child labourers work in private homes, in agricultural fields or on the street.

Benefits of Child Labour


1. Cheap labour

2. Can produce more goods at faster rate

3. Without factories children in developing countries can end up with worse with jobs such as prostitution


1. Child labour adds money to economy

2. The government can use the money to improve the living standards of its citizens and child labour will decrease due improved living standards

3. In countries where there are a lot of child labourers the government doesn’t have to spend a lot of money on education because many children don’t go to school.


1. Cheaper goods

2. Get goods faster

3. Aids globalization which gives consumers more variety of goods

Costs of Child Labour


1. Damaging to their reputation if customers found out they are using child labourers many people will boycott their products

2. Child labour is a human rights violation companies have to come up with ways to hide it and will lose millions of dollars if anyone found out

3. Harder to find investors because of the huge risk involved


1. By allowing child labour to continue to happen governments have failed their fundamental purpose which is to serve in best interests of all citizens.

2. When other countries find out a country is allowing child labour to happen they will use various methods to pressure the government such as a trade embargo or sanction which will hurt the economy

3. Child labour will lead to fewer skilled workers in future because child labourers don’t get a education in the economy won’t progress because of the lack of skilled workers.


1. By purchasing cheap goods they are telling businesses it’s ok to use child labourers which violates human rights

2. Child labour may equal cheap goods however they break easily so consumers will have to consistently spend money to replace them

3. Many of the factories where children work contain harmful chemicals which are dangerous for the working children and consumers because the chemicals could get on the products. For examination led found in the paint of Mattel toys

Fighting Child Labour

Ending Child Labour by 2016: the Continuing Challenge
United Nations is hoping to end child labour by 2016. The numbers of child labour has gone but progress has been slow . A non government organization who provided former child labourers with education has stop due to lack of funding. We can all do our part to child labour by boycotting companies who use child labourers and donating to non government organizations.

Environment Damage


These days, the natural environment is being treated by human race that has had to fight it for making better economic development. Environmental ethics is an ethical behaviour against environmental issue by keeping the responsibility of personal conduct with respect and protect to the natural landscapes, resources, species, and non-human organisms around the world.

People need to respect the Earth and try to preserve it. If we don’t, we will lose all the natural resources that we depend on for life. In addition, the main resource for the businesses is from the natural environment. Companies cannot get benefit when the natural resources that they rely on are damaged. For a human being, one needs a healthy environment in order to survive. So we must protect our environment.



1. Pollution causes the Increased on health care expense when people eat contaminated food.

2. Government spends more money to clean up pollution due to accidental nuclear power explosion.

3. Countries deal with their rubbish in landfill sites. These sites can produce toxic run-off which will gradually reach the seas and affect the food chain in future.


1. Government initiated agreements such as Rio Declaration on Environment and development in 1992, the Kyoto Protocol in order to restrain the gas emission.

2. The law is a good basis for ethical behavioue since it embodies local culture values.

3. Economic growth would not be reduced when government does not invest on the research on climate change.



1. Change and pollution in environment might cause a certain plant and animal to die. It affects the food shortage to the food chain .

2.People gets disease and affect teir health after inbreathing pollucted air and food.


1. Consumer pays lower price for goods when massive production.

2. Enjoy car driving without considering air pollution.



1. Factories liberate large amount of poision gas such as carbon dioxide which endanger the health and growth of the animal and plant .

2. Oil spills cause permanent damage to wildlife, affect tourism, and expensive to clean up.

3. Global warming is a result of carbon dioxide and other gases.


1. Companies do not need to invest new technology to reduce gas emissions.

2. Companies do not need to change the way they do business.

3. Companies do not need to pay money to clean up pollution that cause by them.

Symphony of Science - Our Biggest Challenge (Climate Change Music Video)


People need to stop and establish effective laws to manage and protect our eenvironment for the future life.

By: Lily, Vivian