Johnson's Reconstruction

Paige Stark

Johnson's Plan

President Andrew Johnson's plan was to rebuild the United States by readmitting Southern States once they had rewritten their state constitution, recreated their state governments, repealed secession, paid off war debts and ratified the 13th amendment. He wanted to return the nation to the way it was (without slavery), but was not providing enough support for the South. The 13th amendment abolished slavery and although many urged Johnson to give former slaves the right to vote, Johnson did not.

Freedmen's Bureau

What was it?

An agency created by the government that helped and protected newly freed African Americans find jobs, homes, education, and a better life.

Johnson's Response

He responded negatively to it and deprived it of its funds, and tried to veto it.

Civil Rights Act 1866

What was it?

congress's response to the black codes which decalred blacks to be citizens of the United States and gave the government power to intervene in state affairs to protect the rights of its citizens, mainly to protect the civil rights of African Americans.

Johnson's Response:

He vetoed it, then congress passed the bill again in April 1866. Johnson vetoed it again but a two-thirds majority in each house overcame the veto and the bill therefore became a law.

Black Codes

What was it?

-Defined what it meant to be black
-Prevented blacks from voting/holding office etc
-Prevented blacks from serving in state militias
-Prohibited interracial marriage between whites and blacks
-Mandated and regulated labor contracts between whites and free blacks


-Freedmen could not assemble without the presence of a white man.

-Freedman were not to be taught to read or write.

-Public facilities were segragated

Written Response

President Johnson was an ignorant old white racist guy who didnt want blacks to have rights.