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Who Is Pugh?

Author Pugh is new on the literary scene. He was born and raised in Chicago until his family relocated to West Perrine, a southwest section of Miami in Dade County, Florida when he became a teenager. Over the next years, Pugh lived in various states such as Alabama and Georgia. His passion for writing was one that was birthed in his adult life after being incarcerated which resulted in the self-publishing of his urban fiction novels, "Mini Distractionz","39 Lashes of Karma" and "Major Repercussions ". Despite his incarceration, Pugh still persevered while obtaining certificates in Philosophy, African American Literature and more. He is currently putting the finishing touches on his fourth book entitled, "World Inside A Wicked World". When he is not penning his next literary effort, he enjoys reading and exercising in his spare time.

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After being incarcerated for over a decade, Runny Clem, better known as Mini Size, is released back into society.

A few false starts later, a discouraged Mini once again finds himself being enticed by the life of a hustler, which comes with both quick money and worldly women— the very things that had led to his previous downfalls.

Will he be able to remain focused this time, or will he once again fall victim to his long list of Mini Distractionz?


Runny Clem aka Mini-size awakes to find himself handcuffed to a hospital bed and partially paralyzed. The aftermath of a high-speed pursuit after being set up by a confidential informant.

As the news spread about his condition and eventually, the loss of freedom, Mini becomes the perfect prey to those who wickedly placed in their minds, that he will forever be damaged goods.

Years later… Breaking news reports that a violent convict has escaped, and have left a trail of dead bodies behind.

As the manhunt for Mini intensifies, he quickly realizes that he has very few places to go and even fewer people to run to. The revelation leaves him with the limited choice of seeking help from one of the very people who he vowed to kill.

A decision that sets in motion all of the elements of betrayal, deceit, and hunger for revenge. When the smoke clears, all involved, including Mini; somehow, someway will become victims of Major repercussions!
To those on the outside looking in, Thorndale, Illinois is a vibrant, close-knit community — at least until the policeman responsible for shooting an unarmed twelve-year-old is let off without punishment. His acquittal leads to the unraveling of a multitude of secrets, as well as the reasons behind the string of mysterious disappearances and brutal murders that haunt the small town. When it’s all said and done, the lives of three childhood friends will be changed in ways that will affect their families for generations to come.

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