Wildcats Weekly

Week of 3/21

Social Studies

This week in Social Studies we will continue our unit of the Cold War. Our focus this week will be the Korean War and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Math 7

The Unit 7: Probability Test is on Friday 3/18. The test will cover the following: Theoretical and Experimental Probability, Making Predictions, Geometric Probability, Modeling All Possible Outcomes (Tree Diagrams & Area Models), Fundamental Counting Principle, Independent and Dependent Events. Students should be reviewing their notes, and practicing problems from their study guide and classwork to prepare.

The Genetics Mini-Project is also due on 3/18. Students should make sure all parts of the project are complete and all questions are answered.

Next week will begin Unit 8: Statistics. Students will be collecting, organizing, and analyzing data. Assessments on this unit will be after spring break. They will use prior knowledge of mean, median, mode, range, box and whisker plots, histograms, line plots, and mean absolute deviation in this unit.

Math 7+

The Unit 8: Geometric Properties Test will be on Monday 3/21. The test will cover the following: Classifying Angles and Triangles, Triangle Sum Theorem, Triangle Inequality Theorem, Complementary & Supplementary Angles, Exterior Angles Theorem, and Parallel Lines Cut By a Transversal. Students also need to be able to set up an equation based on angle relationships to solve for a variable and find a missing angle measure.

In unit 9, we will learn how to transform points and shapes on a coordinate plane. Students will use prior knowledge of area, perimeter, and graphing points on a coordinate plane in this unit. Assessments on this unit will be after spring break.


As always, science class is exciting this week. We have moved our Genetics Quiz to Monday (the 21st). Please make sure students are bringing their notebooks home to study over the weekend. We have begun looking at pedigree charts, and we will continue to study and create them based on genetic traits and disorders next week. Hopefully students are here the day before spring break! I have an exciting activity/lab planned :)


Next week we will be discussing our current passage of the week, "Hope is a Thing with Feathers" by Emily Dickinson. We will also be finishing our "Power of Music" stations, discussing the Greensboro Sit-Ins, and watching a documentary about The Children's Crusade. 6th period will be interviewing some civil rights movement activists via Skype on Tuesday, to go along with our study of The Rock and The River. A recorded version of the interview will be available for all students to view. On Thursday (the day before Spring Break), we will be doing a "scavenger hunt" for literary elements that can be found in art pieces from the civil rights movement, and will then be creating our own pieces of art that reflect our literature circle novels. Students may bring in any art supplies (colored pencils, clay, paint, etc) they have at home that they would prefer to use over the markers at school.

On April 5th, author Roland Smith will be visiting MPMS. Students can pre-purchase his books from the media center. Visiting authors typically offer to stick around after the assemblies to do book signings!