The Giza pyramids

The great Giza pyramids

My story is about the Giza pyramids like where they are located,looks like,when made,who made it.Also it's about what it symbolizes,inspired for to be built,the history,why it was made.And problems of building it,what people think about it,people think about it today,why is it worthy.

The Giza pyramids are located west and south of markers Cairo land of the dead.its 756 feet long,450 feet high,2,300,000 blocks. The people who made it was khufus subjects. The Giza pryramids were made in 2560bc.

The Giza pyramids symbilize the seven wonders of the ancient world. It inspired the pharaoh to live in and die in. It's important to world history because it's the tallest and biggest pyramids in the world. It was built for the queen wand pharaoh to live in and for when they die their bodies will be in the tombs. The diffucties were to make sure it was stable, and it big enough to live in.

People thought about it when it was built was it would be hard to built and it would be amazing if finished. People though today was it amazing.The pharaoh was honored by living in the pryamids and to die in them. It didn't affect the world. It's worthy because it's the tallest pyramid in the world and it still stands.

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