Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitaion

By. Valeria Vera and Jazmine Rountree


The Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Organization gives wildlife in need a voice. This because many species of wildlife suffer from habitat loss, pollution, poaching, and other animals. At least 10,000 species go extinct each year because of this. The WRR is their to help provide a good care and a temporary home for these animals so that they do not become close or become extinct.

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Mission Statement

The Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation organization are on a mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and release native wildlife back where they belong. They also provide a sanctuary, individualized care, and a voice for other animals in need.

The Issue/Cause The Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Supports

The problem that the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation organization is trying to,solve is that humans are destroying habitats and killing animals. This is a problem that occurs to almost all wildlife around the world. According to the book "Wildlife" by Arthur Hanswell animals like the short-haired bumblebee are affected by this. The short haired bumblebee has been extinct in Britain. Most of wildlife habitat has changed because of modern farming techniques .Some animals are being hunted to make traditional medicines. This problem is effecting our word because many of these animals and plants help us survive, they are part of the food chain. When these animals go extinct they make life more complicated. That is why we need to support the organization to help our earth and the things living on it.

How The Organization Grew Into What It Is Today

According to the website ¨ Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation¨ The WRR organization all began with a lady in her mid 20ths who had a vision.Lynn Cuny had this vision after she saw animals suffer and die because of humans. She notice many could be released again,but some could not be. Lynn's vision became reality after years of donation; the organization was founded in 1977 in San Antonio,Texas. In 1980 the organization took up 4 acres. In 6 quick years the organization grew and took up 21 acres. In 1999 the organization expanded to 187 acres . After years of fundraising they constructed 212 acres. This charity made a huge contribution to the community and all the wildlife living in it; it continues to grow and shape the nation of wildlife and change the world as we know it.

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What The Charity Does For The Communtity

According to The Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation organization they are on a mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and release native wildlife back where they belong. They also provide a sanctuary, individualized care, and a voice for other animals in need. This organization is located in San Antonio, Texas on 137 Earl Street, zip code 78212. The WRR’s project for the community and or animals is to provide and build sanctuaries. If you would like to volunteer and help the WRR with building sanctuaries and other things, then you should check out their website. Assistances help with things from addressing mailing, to setting-up at events, to laundry duties such as washing and folding clean bedding from animal cages. The minimum age requirement are ages 12-17 for volunteers. One shirt per week (4 hours) is the minimum work time. The WRR helps in many different ways to protect animals. You can help too, by donating time and helping out in your community to save endangered wildlife.

The Effectiveness and The Accomplished Goals

The Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation organization has a four star rating (the top rating) according to a website called charity navigator. This shows that this charity is good at what it does. It takes good care of the animals and provides a good temporary home for them. One of the reasons this is all possible is because of how they are funded. The WRR gets most of their money for individual donors and private foundations. They receive no government support. This means that this is organization is a truly independent one. Not only are they independent but they also spend their money wisely. The money that is earned or donated is used for food, bedding, medication,veterinary care, supplies, and the highest standards of animal care. All these supplies are used to make a difference and help wildlife stay healthy. The organization help many animals from becoming extinct. Our planet wildlife is very important to many people around the globe. So it is not only The Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitations job but yours to, to care for it.

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