Question 3

Evaluation - Effectiveness of film, poster and review

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

My main task consist of my film, Rent, my film poster for Rent, as well as my film review for Rent.

My main task is a British New Wave social realism short film, that conforms to the traditional genre conventions of a social realism film. It targets audiences of a traditional social realism, as well as portraying issues that a traditional social realism would depict. I tried to follow as many conventions as possible, as it showed a trend in success, as this is what the audience want, but also it allows for a structure to be followed for the film. Which ultimately made it easier to produce. In fellowship with my poster I created, it highly resembles a traditional social realism poster. After researching social realism posters, such as This is England, and Fish Tank. I’ve come to the conclusion, that the poster has to be, to a degree, simple. If you over complicate the poster, it makes it too confusing. The image from the poster is a well crafted photo, the positioning of the feet of the protagonist, insinuate a level of uncertainty, as well as the bag and the photo of her and her mother. It creates lots of narrative enigmas, which really compliment the film well, because to find out the narrative, you must watch the film through. Only near the end, will the audience fully understand what has happened. The audience feel a sense of catharsis at the end of the film.

The image used in my film review is a still from the film, as most film reviews do. Having a still allows the audience to almost have a sneak peek of the film, which ultimately is what a film review should do. After reading reviews from Empire, I’ve grasped a pattern of what a film review should consist of, and how it should be structured. My film review really compliments my film as it gives the target audience a perspective of the film, in this case my film review is written by “film critic”, as a film reviewer from Sight&Sound, which have the same demographic as social realism films. By targeting the demographic of Sight&Sound, I am able to reach a wider audience through a plethora of mediums, and the film review would be available in physical, and virtual copies of the magazine.

The language style used in my review, is to some degree formal. Due to the demographic of my film review, and film. The language used is tailored to suit them. By having a similar tone throughout the review, it gives the audience an idea of what the tone the film will have.