HGHS Instructional Update

February 8-12, 2016

February 9 (Tuesday) Community Learning

We will use our Community Learning time next week to complete testing security training with Ms. Creech and to prepare for this Thursday's (Feb. 11's) WorkKeys and mock ACT tests.

Each one of us is required to complete the training. Below is the schedule.

Tuesday, February 9.

7:20--8:00 In-season coaches

9:05-9:45 1st period planning

10:30-11:10 2nd period planning

12:20-1:00 3rd period planning

2:20-3:00 5th period planning (all other coaches +)

***For planning purposes--All students will resume regular schedule for 4th and 5th periods on Feb. 11.

February 9 (Tuesday) Update Student Goal-Setting Folders

Students will receive their Progress Reports on Tuesday. Use 4th period that day to help them update their data and set goals for the next half of the quarter.

If you need folders, materials, or assistance, let me know.

WorkKeys for Seniors is this Thursday

Thank you to so many of you who have been talking about the WorkKeys with our Seniors and preparing them for this week's test.

If you need a "refresher" on the test, all of the resources from last semester's training are on Canvas. (Professional Learning course > Modules > WorkKeys).

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Ms. Brock's class practiced some leveled Applied Mathematics problems with a class carousel.

ACT Practice (Mock) Test this Thursday

Our first school-wide mock ACT test is this Thursday, and it will take each of us to make it run smoothly and have a positive impact on our students. Thank you in advance for all you are doing and will do to make this test a useful tool for us and our students.