Your kitchen is trying to kill you

Kitchen Safety . By: Madeline Stiers

Kitchen Accidents

People are most common to have accidents because they are careless. Accidents that mostly happen are: knife cuts, falling and back injuries, electrical shock and burns, fires, and poisoning. Keeping these from happening is keeping hair up, loose clothing and apron string from dangling. Paying attention is key importance when being safe.

Kitchen Emergencies

Preparing for emergencies is important in-case a accident happens. Having a first aid kit nearby can help when you have a cut but if it's a serious injury call for help. Always having an action plan for fires can help.

Kitchen Fires

Using fire extinguisher and keeping one close by can help with small fires. Use baking soda or salt to put out grease fires. Turn off heat source to prevent heat. If fire seems out of control then call 911 and alert others in the building.


Most cleaning and pest control products are poisonous. Keeping chemicals away from the food is important for health and not mixing them together. When someone is poisoned call poison control center telling how much swallowed and when, also telling symptoms.