Edu 321

Introduction to Serving English Language Learners

Welcome to Week 2

This week, we move beyond the story of immigration and the development of bilingual policy and take a step into your future classroom. Take your first look around and notice twenty eight faces looking at you awaiting your first move.

Will you see their gifts and contributions or the unique perspectives, traditions, and values of the children in your class? Will you see a room peppered with differences? Will you embrace, discuss, acknowledge, plan for rich dialogues? Or will you choose to remain quiet, standing uneasy with the uncomfortable topics that may be present?

Your role as a teacher is quite influential in shaping how your students will view each other and themselves. Their one opportunity to experience the best ____grade begins with how you see them and their peers. The highest quality education notes “student and teacher relationship” as the highest indicator of success. Relationships are built with communication. Therefore, the work we do this week to identify your understanding, views, and awareness of culture is a very important aspect to shaping the future teacher within you.

As we work on activities to develop our awareness of culture, we will add to our teacher toolbox techniques to promote community. I will share my “tips from the trenches” as we dialogue on the boards. My elementary school of 1,200 welcomes nineteen different languages. Our annual talent show last Friday showcased cultural dances and music. I watch the beauty of the friendships that weave among all children. I listen to the perspectives my own fourth and second graders share, and feel so thankful for the openness their new world offers them.

In addition to conversing on culture, you will use time this week to become experts in selected topics that support language acquisition. Just as you want to build your teacher toolbox of tips and techniques, you want to build your knowledge base so you have the underling foundations and expertise that will guide your instructional decisions, practice, and interactions with students, staff, and parents.

I look forward to working alongside you this week as you continue to prepare to be future educators!


J. Shaylene

Assignment: Select your ideal subject, grade, and lesson!

Write a two- to three-page paper in which you describe how your knowledge of the nature and process of language acquisition helps you develop materials and instructional strategies for ELL students in your content area classroom. Within this paper, you will include the following:
  1. A thorough discussion of the nature and process of second language acquisition according to a language theorist, such as Krashen or Cummins.
  2. A careful consideration of the topic of diversity.
  3. Materials and instructional strategies for your content area classroom that reflect your knowledge of the nature and process of language acquisition according to your selected theorist (include an example of one of these instructional strategies/materials as an appendix).
  4. Information and research that clearly relates to a specifically addressed content area (i.e., language arts or math).
  5. Implications for the instruction of English learners are included.
Use the text and at least two other scholarly sources. Adhere to APA style guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.

Have a successful week!