Tejas! Tejas!

Come my fellow Anglos!

Rich and bright land, waiting for YOU

Land is awaiting, people are taking! I Green dewitt, am taking settlers to my land. My land will be 12.5 cents a acre, (its a great price) settlers will have to pass the laws and requirements.Those cannot obtain the laws and requirements shall not own property and will not continue the mission. I have land brimming with rich soil and green grass concealing the ground. This territory is capable of growing tasty crops and grazing cattle. There is no worries! DeWitt can handle native Americans! I am also a great friend of Stephen F Austin. Come on everyone else is going, come with us as we settle in new land, a new start!


you must pass the law! (some basic laws)

no drunkards

no idlers

no more than 500 families

and more....