William Shakespeare

By: Cory & Zach B.

Shakespeare's Life

William Shakespeare also known as the bard, was born in 1564 and died in 1616 on April 23. He married Ann Hathaway when he was 18 years old and had 3 children. He was famous for his plays, sonnets, and poems. One of his three children named Hamnet died when he was 11 years old.

Why His Poetry Was History

Anything Shakespeare wrote he used many similes, metaphors, imagery, soliloquies, asides, foreshadowing, and many other things. Shakespeare had a different type of language that we have now, for example, he used aye as yes, Beseech as ask for, Bite your thumb as the ultimate insult, and many more.

Shakespeare's Famous Plays

He did many different types of plays such as Tragedies, Histories, and Comedies. One of the most famous plays was Romeo & Juliet. Sometimes he would act in his own plays with many boys and different people. He only performed plays in the daylight. He also became an owner of the famous globe theater.