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February 2: Quickly Create Random Groups

On occasion, I like to have students work in random groups during class. Instant Classroom is a great resource for quickly and randomly placing students in groups. Once you add a class roster, you can easily create groups on the fly, specifying how many students per group or how many groups you want. Obviously if you're differentiating groups you'll want to structure groups strategically by hand, but for other activities, this works well. I used Instant Classroom today and it was very effective because it made the transition from instruction to group work seamless - students weren't taking up class time organizing into groups and, since it is random, there were no complaints. :)


  1. Go to Instant Classroom
  2. Select "Create a Group Now"
  3. Provide your class name and email.
  4. An email will be sent that has a link to your group. Follow the link and sign in.
  5. Select "Create/Import New Group" to add student names to the roster. Once they are added, you can reuse the group.
  6. After hitting "Create Class List" you will be taken to a screen that displays your classes.
  7. Select the "Group Maker" icon next to the class for which you would like to make groups.
  8. Specify the number of students per group or the number of groups you need, then "Create Groups!"
SuperTeacherTools - Group Maker