The Polar Biome

by Coleridge

What is it like there


The Arctic and the Antarctic is always below freezing. There are three seasons spring, summer, and winter. It can get 128-°F and high of 20 degrees. The storm is blizzard thats made out of snow. It dose not have a lot of precipitation. You should have at lease 4 or 3 layers to stay warm a swim suit is not a good IDEA!


Soil is dry there and the terrain is hilly and cold very cold. The polar biome has no trees in other words treeless. The layers are ice and snow also there are glaciers.

Where are they located?

Where in the world?

  • Antarctica (south of the equator)
  • Arctic (north of the equator)
  • Arctic circle (Canada,Greenland,scandinavia,Russia,Alaska,Siberia)
  • Antarctic circle (Antarctica)


How do plants survive?

How plants survive in the tundra is staying low to the ground which protects it from the cold. Lichen is a plant it is made from algae (al-jee) and fungi. The fungi sucks in the water so the lichen can get the water in the roots. plants also have waxy or hairy stems and leaves to keep it from losing water. Wild flowers grow in the summer and when they die and then a new summer comes they grow back. Plants take moister from the air since there is almost no soil.

Animal Life

How do animals survive

The polar bears have this nice thick coat which could probably keep anything warm. Its coat lets it blend in the snow so nothing would eat it. Their coats are the colors yellowish and whitish. Also polar bears are about 10 feet long and they can weigh up to 1'000 pounds.

Food Chains