PPfT Appraisal

April 2016 Newsletter

Dear PPfT Appraisal Teachers,

April’s PPfT Appraisal Newsletter includes pertinent information and deadlines regarding the PPfT Appraisal and will cover the following topics:

    • Spring PPfT Appraisal Deadlines
    • Verifying Observations in HCP
    • School-Wide Value-Added
    • Professional Growth and Responsibilities
    • SLO Reminders and Deadlines
    • Summative Details and Deadlines

    Spring PPfT Appraisal Deadlines:

    • April 22, 2016- Last day an announced observation can occur by appraiser.
    • April 29, 2016 - Complete final SLO submission form must be complete by teachers.
    • May 20, 2016- Spring Announced Observation must be verified in HCP by teachers.
    • May 27, 2016 – Summative report must be signed electronically in HCP by teachers.

    Be sure to review the PPfT Appraisal Timeline for additional important details and deadlines.

    Verifying Observations in HCP:

    Teachers must verify Spring Announced Observations and sign Summative Reports. For help verifying your observation or signing your Summative Report, please review the PPfT Appraisal HCP Guide which provides a step-by-step walkthrough of completing the appraisal process in HCP.

    Please make sure to use the most current version of Mozilla Firefox or Chrome when using HCP. Internet Explorer is not compatible with our system.

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    School-wide Value-added

    School-wide Value-added is the second student growth measure included in the PPfT appraisal and is worth 10% of your appraisal score. Value-added focuses on student progress, not achievement, and is an additional way to help schools look at data. This growth measure examines student growth year to year and provides an additional measure of a school’s effectiveness on student learning.

    Value-added takes into account all of the test history for each student to determine what a year’s worth of growth looks like for that student. Once the student test scores are reported, value-added compares how the student did with the predicted years worth of growth and determines if it is above expectations, at expectations, or below expectations.

    Teachers will not need to do anything additional to obtain the value-added score. Teachers will receive the school-wide value-added score from the previous year to inform the appraisal score. The district has contracted with SAS to calculate school-wide value-added for Reading and Math- both the reading and math scores will be averaged for the school-wide score.

    * School-wide Value-Added scores will not be included for first year teachers, teachers new to AISD, teachers on special campuses and teachers with special assignments. These individuals will have this percentage replaced by his/her SLO score.

    School-wide valued-added results will be uploaded in HCP in May.

    Professional Growth and Responsibilities:

    Professional Growth and Responsibilities accounts for 25% of your overall appraisal score, and includes a rubric that encompasses five strands associated to professionalism:

    • Strand 1: Professional Development and Reflection

    • Strand 2: Collaboration and Contributions

    • Strand 3: Lesson Planning and Data Use

    • Strand 4: Relational Communication

    • Strand 5: Compliance

    Professional Growth and Responsibilities Online Module:

    The Office of Educator Quality offers an online Professional Growth and Responsibilities Learning Opportunity to help you learn more about Professional Growth and Responsibilities. Register for PPfT Appraisal Mid-Year Review for Teachers: Professional Growth and Responsibilities (section # 80287) in the HCP.

    Student Learning Objectives:

    Post-Assessment Window:
    • March 21 - April 29, 2016 - All spring semester and year-long SLOs must post-test all students.

    Final Teacher SLO Submission Deadline:

    • April 29, 2016 - All spring semester and year-long SLO teachers must enter post-test scores on roster and complete all fields on SLO verification form.
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    Summative Details and Deadlines:

    At the end of the year, teachers will participate in a summative conference. The focus of the summative conference is on instructional practice and the impact the teacher has had on their students. This is also an opportunity for appraisers and teachers to discuss yearly progress/overall growth, revisit teacher goals and complete HCP requirements.

    Summative Information:

    • Teacher Response- May rebut within 10 working days (appraiser may extend to 15).
    • Summative Conference- Conference may be waived by Teacher, NOT APPRAISER, if the appraiser agrees. Conference must be completed by May 26, 2016.
    • Summative Report- Report will be available in the HCP by May 13, 2016. Teachers must sign off on the report in the HCP by May 27, 2016.

    PPfT Appraisal Resources and Recommended Learning Opportunities:

    PPfT Appraisal resources for teachers:
    • HCP includes appraisal resources, professional development opportunities and access to Edivation videos.
    • SLO Database

    Do not forget to about the Recommended Learning Opportunities available to you at the bottom of your PPfT Appraisal plan. Click on the Recommended Learning Opportunities activity link to view courses that have been recommended by your appraiser.

    PPfT Appraisal is going District-wide:

    Austin ISD has approved the Professional Pathways for Teachers (PPfT) Appraisal in response to the state’s requirement of a new teacher appraisal system for 2016-2017. All Austin ISD teachers will be appraised with the PPfT appraisal system beginning next school year. Learn more:
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