Brittany Guillory

Location: General Characteristic

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Deciduous forest are located in Eastern Half of the United States, Canada, Europe, Some of Russia, China and Japan. The Main Characteristic, Maple and Oak Trees grown in the Deciduous Forest. Leaves fall off the trees in the fall. Conifers grow in the Deciduous forest.

Weather and Climate

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The average temperature of the forest is about 11celsius degress. The colors change on the leaves when the seasons change. During the winter water freezes so they can not drink water so the animals will die. For the winter this is how trees and plants prepare for the winter. Deciduous trees and plants become dormant.


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The yearly temperature is usually around 11 degrees Celsius. The highest it can get is 15 degrees Fahrenheit. July is the hottest month of the year.


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Precipitation means rain fall per year. Deciduous Forest only get 30 to 60 inches per year. Which means the temperature is usually 11 degrees Celsius. Deciduous Forest gets the second most rain fall per year.


Deciduous forest do not have any Oceans. They might have lake or rivers. Deciduous forest have steep mountains. They have deep and shallow canyons.

Animals and Plants

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Deciduous forest have these kinds of animals. Cougar, Bears, Deers, Foxes, Owls, Birds Rodents, Skunks, Opossums, Insects. Deciduous forest have Oak Trees, Eglantine, Birch Trees, Flowering Dogwood, Red Maple Tree, Eastern Hemlock, Tulip Tree and many other more Plants.

Catastrophic Events and Human Impact

There are no people who live in the rainforest. Because it is very dangerous you might find a few people there but that is only if they are on a vacation.