Jane Goodall

By Aubrey

A Barrier She Had To Overcome

Jane Goodall had to overcome the fact that Women weren't scientist. Since she was a women, people would not want her to be a scientist. Jane Goodall, still wanted to though. Jane Goodall got a opportunity in Tanzania. She would go and study Chimpanzees, which is what she always wanted to do.

Jane Goodall's Major Contribution

Jane Goodall was best know for her discovery on how similar humans and chimpanzees are. She found out that Chimpanzees had feelings and emotions too. They would also start "wars" between other chimps. She helped people find out more about the human past, and how Chimpanzees are smarter than they seem.


Jane Goodall's discovery was very helpful in my opinion because she has helped people learn more about their past. She has also helped people to realize how much smarter chimpanzees are. If Jane Goodall had never been able to study Chimpanzees, we might not know how to save chimpanzees and keep humans safe when around them.