Romig News

Oct. 9, 2020

We can finish STRONG!!!

Congratulations! On Oct. 15th you will have completed the first quarter. We have been so impressed by how well most of our students have done with online learning. Attendance has been excellent, and students are doing a terrific job of navigating this new world. Now is the time to look at Canvas/Q and make sure you have turned in as many assignments as possible. With all of the complications of starting online learning, our staff has been very generous with accepting work, so please set time aside this weekend to look over your scores and work on anything that still needs to be turned in. Runners will tell you that pushing yourself at the end for a strong finish is key. Invest the time this weekend and next week to secure a strong finish.

Postponed Start

The Anchorage School district has announced the delay of bringing Elementary and Special needs students back to in-school learning. Additionally High School Volleyball has paused for a 2-week quarantine of players and coaches. The superintendent has indicated that she will announce any further alterations to school opening dates on the 15th of this month. She also has committed to community updates on the 1st and 15th of each month moving forward. The most updated decision matrix can be viewed on the ASD's webpage

Gearing up for 2nd quarter

We have almost completely scheduled 2nd quarter classes for our students. All students are scheduled into one elective class. General parameters for core classes are that any student that took Math now takes Science. Any student that took Science now takes Math. Any student that took Language Arts now takes Social Studies. Any student that took Social Studies now takes Language Arts. Please remember that even though these classes only last a quarter they cover a semester’s worth of content. Schedules are viewable in Q. If you have any questions please contact your student’s counselor.

2nd Quarter Open House - Oct. 22nd 6:20-7:20

For this fall we will be holding Parent conferences virtually via Zoom. On October 22nd teachers will have their regular classes during the day and run a Zoom Open House in the evening for parents. The schedule is as follows: Period 1 from 6:20 pm to 6:40 pm, period 2 from 6:40 pm to 7:00 pm, and period 3 from 7:00 pm to 7:20 pm. This will be a great opportunity for parents to meet their student's second quarter teachers. The zoom meeting link is the same that students use to join their normal classes. Staff will also send an email with the link and they can be found in the Canvas shell. Please put your name and the full name of your student when naming yourself for the meeting.

Important Dates to remember

Oct. 15th - last instructional day of the quarter

Oct. 16th - inservice - no zoom sessions.

Oct. 19th - first day of 2nd quarter (all new classes)

Oct. 22nd - PM Open House

Oct. 23rd - inservice - no zoom sessions

Virtual Students

The district is aware that some students had a slow start to virtual classes. The district will offer a two-week extension for students who have a 50% or higher in a virtual class on Oct. 15th. Please double check how your student is doing with task completion in their virtual classes.

Student Art at the Museum!

Congratulations to two Romig artists! Their work will appear in an online art show with the Anchorage Museum inspired from our "Pandemic Portraits" project. We have been so impressed by the art our students have produced this quarter.

"Masked" (with blue background) by Hazel Fuhs

"M" by (pink and green background) Leah Williams-Shimanek

Big picture
Big picture

Spanish Immersion

A big shout out to Mrs. Hernandez, Ms. Zea and our immersion students for making a great video to share with the district about our outstanding immersion program.

Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books is starting soon! If you’d like to learn more about battle at Romig, enroll through Canvas: (It says it’s a “course,” but don’t worry… there are no assignments or grades! Only lively discussions and friendly competition!) Everything you need to know is in the Canvas link, so check it out and see if Battle of the Books sounds fun to you. If not, you can drop the “course” with a click of a button - but we do hope you’ll stay!

Library Curbside Pickup

The library curbside pickup program is up and running every Tuesday and Thursday from 11 AM - 3 PM. See the instructions on the library website here and start reserving your titles today! If you prefer ebooks, plenty of those are available through Sora. More details about SORA can be found here. Also of note: you can return any ASD materials (library books, textbooks, etc.) during our curbside hours, and we will get them routed back to the proper place.

Appropriate Behavior in Zoom: Reminder

This message is a reminder of appropriate behaviors while using ZOOM and CANVAS. Our recent attendance data shows that students are showing up for classes. This is great news! While attending classes is half the battle, we need to strive for quality participation during virtual classes as well. Please note that while in a ZOOM meeting, students need to apply the following items:

  • Be on time to the lesson and remain on as long as instructed by the teacher
  • Be appropriately dressed for a learning environment
  • Make sure that the student has an appropriate bedtime so that they are rested for school
  • When asked a question by the teacher, a response is given in an efficient manner
  • Follow all instructions for video, mute, and naming
  • Put phones away; remember, unless directed by the teacher, there is little to no reason a phone should be used during a virtual lesson besides the potential of accessing ZOOM
  • A lapse in these could result in a student being removed from the virtual environment

Safecomputing: District Monitoring of ASD resources used by students

  • With the onset of online learning across the District, ASD has an obligation to ensure that students are not accessing or exposed to inappropriate content or engaging in any destructive online behavior when using the District network or computers.

    In an effort to keep students safe from potentially harmful online activity, ASD monitors all activity through all Google applications for any content related to:

    · Drugs & Alcohol
    · Harassment
    · Nudity & Sexual Content
    · Profanity & Vulgar Language
    · Suicide & Self Harm
    · Violence Towards Others

    This monitoring process screens documents generated by, shared by, or shared to students via Google Drive, which includes documents that may be submitted via Google Classroom. These documents include but are not limited to Google Suite and Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, as well as a variety of image file formats. When questionable content is identified, it is flagged and a report is forwarded to school administrators, who will in turn notify parents or guardians. Again, the focus here is maintaining a safe and healthy online learning environment for all of our students.

    Schools have always borne the responsibility of monitoring students’ school-related work and communication. Given that all instruction, communication and work submission is web-based, this safety check has taken on a new form. All monitoring follows the strict guidelines of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which safeguards sensitive student information. The District takes staff, student, and family confidentiality very seriously and has robust systems in place to ensure that information is not released in an unauthorized manner.

    For more information and resources to help guide the discussion with your children about safe internet use and online behavior please go to