Istanbul Bombing

Tuesday, January 12th, ISIS bombs Instanbul, Turkey

At least 10 people killed, 15 injured

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu confirmed that the recent bombing and suicide bombers were part of ISIS. He also mentioned all the victims were foreigners and German prime minister confirms eight killed were in fact German.

Chancellor of Germany, Merkel says "Today Istanbul was hit; Paris has been hit, Ankara has been hit before,” Merkel said. “Once again, international terrorism has shown its cruel and inhumane face.”

Clips posted on Twitter show injured or dead people lying on the ground, and a police car on its side in the main square in the area (in video linked above).

Syrian Territory

Tuesday’s bombing comes as Turkey is expected to increase its cooperation with Washington against ISIS, possibly helping to clear the militants from a crucial stretch of territory along the border, said Soner Cagaptay, who directs the Turkish Research Program.

The 565-mile border with Syria remains difficult to police. The human (overload) of the refugee crisis — Turkey hosts more Syrians than any country, at nearly 2 million and it only adds to the confusion and sense of chaos.

No one knows the group’s location in Turkey better than the Syrians who work against it there. Rebels and activists taking shelter in Turkish towns and cities near the border have experienced a new wave of paranoia, in the wake of the recent murderings of their colleagues.