The Mytonic Dystrophy disorder

made by Serenity Gilliland

Different names for this disorder

This disorder has many different names that I found out about.

* Dystrophia Myotonica

*Myotonia atrophica

*Myotonia dystrophy

Which gene or chromosome is affected

In one form of this disorder, anticipation is caused by an increase of the length of the unstable region in the DMPK gene.

is there any parental test for this disorder

Making a diagnosis starts with a family examination. The test requires a blood sample from the patient.The DNA is extracted from the blood sample and analyzed. It can take over 6 years to reach diagnosis.

symptoms and population

* muscle weakness in the legs, hands ,and neck

* Mild muscle pain

This disorder affects 1 out of 8,000 people worldwide in years this has allowed to design candidates with potential to treat the disorder.

Causes patterns and assistance

This disorder has a dominant pattern, which means one copy of the altered gene in each cell is sufficient to cause in some cases the affected person has one parent with this condition. Ankle supports and leg braces can help when muscle weakness gets worse.The child may have trouble from getting up from a sitting position so that child will need your assistance.

Medications and prevention

The medications are not much it can lessen Myotonia, heart problems, and cataract can also be treated.This disorder can not be prevented because it is an inherited disorder.

will there be a cure coming soon

There is no cure for this disorder as we know now.