8 a.m. Monday, March 17th, 2014

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Divercity is a research and sciences magazine parallel to National Geographic. The company originated in New York and therefore the central agency/headquarters will be located in New York City, however, we will have offices distributed throughout the whole world. One unique aspect of our company is that we are mainly comprised of teenage interns and young peoples interested in all expense paid travel for journalism. While we are highly selective, we offer a program for qualifying students to progress from interns to employees, if they can withstand a rigorous journalism and science education. We lie on the brink of the science world, and because of this we write the premiere articles on each breaking science discovery. We are named for the diversity of the sciences in the world around us as well as how this same diversity is made evident in our hometown, New York City. We have nearly 800 employees and correspondents worldwide excepting the scientists we gain research and subjects from. We are open and producing content at all hours of the day, and release a new magazine every two weeks that features amazing high definition photos and a look into the ever-changing science world, as our understanding of it progresses every second.

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  • Open all holidays

Caitlyn Martin, CEO

Our company's founder and CEO is always available and looking for opportunities to associate with our audience. Please feel free to contact us anytime.