King Dork

By: Frank Portman


"You can put your straight jacket away, I don't plan to kill myself today. Maybe tomorrow, maybe not at all. I'm not ready to make that call. But don't assume that I'm alright, I won't be with my baby tonight. There's no baby, there's nothing there. What baby? I don't care.


Thomas Henderson(aka Chi-Mo, aka Child Molester) is not the average high schooler. He listens to 70's rock music, has hippie parents, gets himself involved with "dating" problems, and has a deceased father that leaves secrets behind for Tom to reveal. Once Tom finds the CEH (Charles Evan Henderson) library, he finds these codes inside of them, like backwards French or a message within the star spangled banner. All Tom wants is to find information that he could have never know about his father from these codes. But what happens when fake people, girls, the Bible, the band, guitars, and a devil head get in the way?
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There is a bit of strong language, and many words that can easily be mispronounced, but I would recommended that teenagers read this book. People that would like this book are people that feel they are mistreated, and bullied. Because this book is all about a teenager being bullied but gets through it in a pretty unique way.


Young-Adult Fiction