Pup siting house

Come now and I'll change your bad puppy into a grate one

Cute but mean

As you can see this adorable puppy looks cute but that dose not mean it's nice. but if you bring your miss behave puppy we will change it into the puppy you've ever dreamed of. the price is only 5 bucks 6 if it is very miss behave.remember we only do puppy's.

Chewing problem's

Is your puppy is chewing your shoe's to much here is some advise 1st buy a chew toy that puppies love 2nd if they don't stop chewing your shoes spray them with water while repeating the word NO!NO!NO! 3rd give them a treat when they learn to not to chew your shoes.
Remember if your puppy is so miss behave take it to Marisa's pup siting house