Monday Minute

November 11, 2019

A Bird? A Plane? Is It......?

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This has to be one of my favorite middle school pictures of the year! Shelbyville Middle School principal Ryan Mikus shared this activity with us. We will have complete details on our website and our next newsletter!


After principal Ryan Mikus and athletic director Rex Olds facilitated a video discussion regarding the purpose of STEM education and the four Cs of STEM learning, - creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication - students were divided into small groups, where the real challenge of building a pumpkin launcher began.

AMLE Conference Reflections

Last week IMLEA Executive Director, Shirley Wright; IMLEA President, Jessica Tubbs; and I were among the Indiana delegation and 3000+ attending #AMLE19 in Nashville, TN. Sometimes I had to keep reminding myself, "These are my people! They're all middle school!" Attending this conference not only inspires us; it gives us a chance to see what topics resonate with middle level educators, and sometimes introduces us to potential speakers for our conference. It was nice to see Indiana's own Katie Powell as a featured presenter-- and her book sold out in the AMLE bookstore! (The video below features opening keynote speaker Baruti Kafele (@principalKafele) By the end of the conference, the dancing was much more expressive!)

One of the overwhelming takeaways from the conference: What you do as middle level educators really matters! Just one person can make a dramatic difference in a student's life, and it is important that we help them (and parents) understand all of the changes that are going on during adolescence. And, it's important that we take advantage of opportunities to share our successes with others!

Revisions to Champions Together Training Schedule

Realizing that arranging transportation and coordinating schedules may be difficult, Champions Together is offering a different approach to offering training. If you are interested in this transformative program, please let Tori Cox know, and we will work with you to arrange this opportunity. We still have Lowell and Rochester MS and South Ripley JH at the ready to accommodate schools, but will work with schools in any part of the state. More information is available on our website.

Statistics in Schools: Powered by the Census Bureau

There are many resources on the US Census site that can be of interest to students and educators in different disciplines; you can sign up to receive newsletters with updated materials. There are maps, statistics, videos, games, and numerous teacher-made activities with designated grade bands. This is a great example of authentic learning with important implications for 2020.

National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Program Info

Each summer the NEH offers numerous programs for educators in specialized locations throughout the US (and even foreign countries). The seminars are free, and even offer stipends to cover much of the travel and lodging expenses. Offerings for summer, 2020 can be found here. For the most part, applications are due March 3, 2020.

Free Tech Training Materials from IU

University Information Technology Services from IU has attended many educator conferences (including the eLearning event at Creekside Middle School) to highlight their free resources for tech. All courses are free and available for reuse via Creative Commons licensing. You can create a guest account, and you are free to use the materials with students. (There is more than just Office).
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Highlights included in the update that you can download below: Thank You for sharing these Updates with your staff.

Do you know that service learning can be one of the most authentic ways for students to develop leadership skills?

· Check out the November conferences that our INSPIRE3 program will be an exhibitor and presenting sessions.

· Since the month of November includes Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving, check out some Spotlight on Service-Learning articles. Engaging students in service-learning during November just makes sense!

· Newly posted SNAPSHOTS OF SERVICE-LEARNING STORIES focusing on Military/Veterans and Hunger from Attica Jr. Sr. H.S., Liberty Elementary, and Tecumseh H.S.

· LTG November Moments of Service Toolkits with lessons and project ideas for Veterans Day, National Philanthropy Day, Thanksgiving Day

· generationOn Website November and December Projects/Resources

· INSPIRE3 Mini-Grants available for 2019-2020 school year.

· INSPIRE3 contact information for free on site PD or interest in area workshop

· Visit our INSPIRE3 page on the IASP website HERE or the IMLEA website HERE and Connect

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