6 Traits Of Writing

Caston Drahos


  1. Choice a topic that you enjoy .
  2. Induce facts, information and other good stuff to talk about.


  1. organize you paragraph neatly.
  2. do green, yellow, and red when on rough copy.

Six Traits of Writing for Stick People


  1. make it sound like a real person not a robot

Word Choice

  1. choice interesting words for your paragraph
  2. make it sound interesting

Sentence Fluency

  1. don't make it choppy
  2. make it smooth


  1. is punctuation, grammar, and spelling
  2. check all of you errors

Writing Process

Writing Process Song (Orange Group)

Brain Storming

  1. thinking of ideas for topics
  2. ideas for details


  1. take notes on a topic for details


  1. where you put all if you ideas (details) and topic in to a paragraph


  1. look at your mistake


  1. fix you sentence length, word choice, and first word


  1. fix spelling, punctuation, and capitation

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  1. send it to someone or a teacher and online for everyone to see

Writing Tools


  1. is where you put you topic sentences and combine it with details

Core 4 Topic Sentences

  1. is choosing your topic sentences

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Transition Words

  1. words that can link other word to others and it has alot more meanings

Main Idea Sentencess

  1. it is a sentence that is like a leader of the details

Details/Tell Me More

  1. they are details that tell about the topic

Conclusion Sentences

  1. it ends the essay that is not boring