Mrs. Paquette's Pre-School Class

Zoo Animals

Upcoming Schedule and Events

January 16 - Guest Speaker: Cindy Lyons, a zoo keeper from the Bronx Zoo comes in to tell the kids about her job and zoo safety. Parents are welcome to come in at 10:30 a.m for the presentation. January 18 - Art Project - The children will make their own "zoo exhibit" for an animal. Please send in a shoe box with your child this day for the project.January 19 - Field trip to Beardsley Park Zoo (Please have permission slips in by January 8)

What Will the Students be Learning this Unit?


  • Sorting animals into different groups based on fur pattern, habitat, and family
  • Learn to differentiate sizes by grouping the animals based on small, medium, and big


  • Build a habitat for one of the zoo animals
  • Identify different animal sounds
  • Discuss endangered species
  • Make animal tracks out of class-made play-dough


  • Use animal magnets and a map to learn about where animals live

Ideas To Try At Home

Recipe: Animal Cracker Cages - Makes one servingYou will need: 1 graham cracker; 1 tbs of peanut butter, nutella, or frosting; 1 animal cracker; black licorice laces.     1. Spread peanut butter, nutella, or frosting onto the graham cracker   2. Place the animal cracker onto the spread     3. Lay the licorice laces over the cracker to make the "bars of the cage"     4. Enjoy!*We will be making this snack in class on January 18th, please let the teacher know of any allergies your child has to the above ingredients


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