Greek and Roman Contributions

By: Bailey Shakespeare


Vases are a contribution of Greek art. They used to be used to store and hold wine and flour. They were mainly colored orange and black and they were made out of clay. Now pottery is many different colors and made out of different materials like glass and plastic. They are used for decoration and holding flowers.

Literature and Language

Books are a form of Roman literature and language. They used to write books on stone tablets and primitive materials that could not be spread to many people at a time. Now they can copy books thousands at a time and get them to many people at once. They are made out of paper and they can be online.

Theater and Drama

Plays are Greek theater. In Ancient Greece only men were allowed to participate in plays. They mainly only did plays about tragedy and now they do horrors, comedies, and dramas. Plays were a form of entertainment to entertain people and still are today. Also now men and women are allowed to participate in plays.


Roads are Roman architecture. Before they had concrete roads they had dust and dirt roads that were not very safe because the road was not as stable. It could be easily affected by erosion. When the Romans created concrete roads travel became safer. Concrete roads used to be used as a form of transportation to take people places and still are today.


Churches are Roman religion. Churches are places where people can practice the christian religion and they are still used for the same purpose today.

Sports and Entertainment

Sports were a contribution of the Greeks. Sports were what people did to entertain other people. One big sporting event they had was the olympics. The Olympics were a sporting competition that only men could participate in. Many people from Greece came to see the Olympics for entertainment. Today sports are still a form of entertainment and the olympics are also a huge sporting event that only happen every 4 years. Luckily now both men and women are allowed to participate.

Math and Science

A scale is a Greek contribution of science and math. Scales in Ancient Greece were not very accurate. People could not tell if their measurements were consistent. Now scales are accurate because we have rulers and measuring cups to help us. Scales were used to help us measure things and still are today.

Women's rights

Women's rights are a contribution of the Romans. In the Roman Empire women had rights. They could own land and they were considered citizens. Now women can vote, own land, own businesses, and be in the military. Women all over the world have gained rights thanks to the Romans.