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Action Plan


Due to district changes the action plan is now called the Campus Improvement Plan. The campus action plan has the priorities listed on each of the pages as a key action/ goal. I have written them below for your convenience.

Key Action 1specific goal

Strengthen the process of curriculum alignment. District Key Action #3 - Expand teacher professional development

Key Action 2specific goal

Improve the quality of instruction by increasing classroom rigor and student engagement District Key Action #5: Rigor- Implement rigorous curriculum and engaging educational practices and experiences

Key Action 3specific goal

Close the achievement gap through the use of data and interventions. District Key Action #6: Strengthen early childhood education

As you know the district sends out a campus climate survey in November and May. Our ACE feeder has set district goals for our program to determine the effectiveness of ACE. One of the targets is to compare the campus climate survey to the district results. Below is a campus survey that will give us a pulse of where we are as a campus now. It will also give you an opportunity to help us determine areas that are in need of any upgrades.

We appreciate all you do and are thankful that you made the choice to be at Blanton!


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