Mindfulness in Counseling Workshop

special presentation for DePaul counseling students

Being mindful in counseling...

Mindfulness is a psychological technique that brings about desirable change in your sense of wellbeing, your capacity to work with difficult feelings, and in fact, your ability to enjoy life to its fullest. This tool has been know to reduce stress. You may have seen the 60 Minute segment last fall on Mindfulness and the science they reported that supports it. We will be exploring mindfulness and do a “presencing” exercise together so you can experience what it is like to be in a receptive personality state where you can better access all of who you are vs. a reactive, triggered frame of mind. We will also explore what it means to be conscious and how you know when you are and when you aren’t by exploring a binary model developed by Jim Dethmer and Diana Chapman in their book “The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership”. You will see through this model a roadmap for creating new possibilities for yourself perhaps even an overview of a road map to create the life you most want.

During the latter part of the workshop, we will learn about the Karpman Drama triangle, a powerful relationship tool that will show how we take ourselves out of “presence”, create drama in our relationships and drift from what we want. We all spend a lot of time on the triangle that is run on fear. Bring an issue that is getting your attention right now and get on the triangle and see what you learn.

Mindfulness in counseling

Tuesday, Oct. 4th, 3-5pm

2247 North Halsted Street

Chicago, IL

Event will take place in the Education and Counseling Center.

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DePaul Education and Counseling Center

Special Guest~ Margo Montgomery

Margo Montgomery is an Executive Life Coach and guides people in their own personal exploration and teaches tools for people to live a more connected and vibrant life. She is certified by the Hendricks Institute and teaches workshops and forums as well as individual coaching. She is also an Enneagram Specialist certified by Enneagram Worldwide Institute to perform the Enneagram Personality Typing System.

Contact: mmontgomery425@gmail.com