Middle Childhood Health Concerns

Lexi Rosado/pd.2


  • Have auditory awareness of adults by age 11.
  • Ear infections are common.
  • If untreated, cause permanent hearing loss.
  • Ear infections decrease due to changes in body.
  • The Eustachian tube helps prevent bacteria.


  • Age 6, children are ready to read.
  • Ability to focus improves.
  • Farsighted- see objects from a distance more clear.
  • With corrective lenses, nearsighted can be improved.
  • Nearsighted- see objects up close clearly.
  • 25% of children need their vision corrected.


  • Children began to lose primary teeth.
  • 1st and 2nd graders have toothless smiles.
  • First teeth to fall out are central incisors.
  • Tooth loss can have a psychological effect.
  • Tooth decay is common at this stage.


  • Obesity- excessive body fat.
  • Obesity is common at this stage.
  • 25% of children are obese.
  • Most likely their parents are obese.
  • Their family members overeat , they do too.
  • Some are obese because of physical inactivity.
  • Some are family disorders.