Tiger Tidbits: Spring Edition

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Up to 90% of what teachers learn alongside coaches will be retained. This means, that unlike traditional professional development where teachers lose 90% of what they learn, coaching can provide an enormous impact. ~Jim Knight

Accountable Talk in the Elementary Math Classroom

Click for question stems based upon NCTM standards

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Moving From (Writing) Partnerships to Peer Conferring

"Basic writing partnerships can be enhanced by increasing our expectations of what kids are capable of in partnerships." Click to read more and watch a video example!

Watch the video below to see an example of a strategy group vs. a guided reading group

Jennifer Serravallo Teaches a Small Group Strategy Lesson

#TCRWP (Teachers College Reading and Writing Project) Twitter Chats

Check out the upcoming #TCRWP chats. There are many chats that support our current work at Noble Crossing! Click on the image to enlarge.

The Reading Strategies Book Ignite Session!

Wednesday, April 20th, 8am

5670 Noble Crossing Parkway

Noblesville, IN

We are all busy, but are you willing to give 5 minutes? Want to know more about how you can support your students with goal setting in the classroom? Come to my ignite session to learn more about The Reading Strategies Book by Jennifer Serravallo!

Location: LMC

Time: 8:05-8:10am

Goals and Goal-Shielding: On Success and Failure

"Goal-setting and focusing feedback on those goals is a practice that is well-established by research to yield positive learning outcomes for students (Petty, 2006; Hattie, 2009)."

Click here to read the entire blog post! (J.Serravallo)

Giving 100% When You Are Running on Empty

"Although teaching can seem like a thankless job, there are so many people, like myself, that appreciate what great teachers do for kids daily, even when it is extremely (especially) hard to do so" (G.Couros)-Click to read more!

I-High Five (Teacher Highlight of the Month): Learning Showcase!

Thank you to those who participated in the Learning Showcase on March 16th at NHS. Check out the pictures below to see how our Noble Crossing students shared their geniuses!

Thanks to Mrs. Litwiller, Mrs. Hultman, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Neese, Mrs. Leckrone, Mrs. Stultz, and Mrs. Kersey for your time and dedication in supporting this great event for our district! Missed out? Check out #Millershift!

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